Oh Paris ! You were everything I expected and more. Robinson and I were very happy to finally meet you. Just in case you were wondering what we did, what we ate and what we saw, I put together a personal guide to the city of lights. From enjoying a picnic at the Eiffel Tower to finding the best, most breathtaking view of the city, check out my guide to Paris below.

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Europe : 01


If you follow me on instagram you know I’ve done nothing in the past few weeks but post photos of our first vacation in Europe. After months of planning and working so hard on my film, two weeks in Europe sounded ideal. We visited Paris for a week ( post to follow ) but it wasn’t until we arrived at Chateau d’Esclimont ( just an hour outside of the city ) that Robinson and I entered level of relaxation we were looking for or what I’ve been calling “The Beauty and the Beast” vacation zone.

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I’ve spent a lot of time the past few weeks working on this awesome project that I shared with you guys here. Since then, lot’s has happened. We launched a crowd-funding campaign to fund our project, got some awesome press ( read it here )  and raised a little more than double what we asked to fund our film. Boy, what a ride!

The story is centered on two total strangers on the verge of suicide. Their paths cross when Adam and Evelyn have the same exact idea: jumping from the top of a roof ( the same roof ). The twist? They get locked up there. Now, aside from sorting out their own internal conflicts, they have to deal with one another.

While my co-writer and I were finalizing the script, an amazing team of talented female filmmakers ( and a super talented gentleman) have come together to make it all happen. We’ve been keeping everyone updated on all behind-the-scenes stuff through the film’s official Instagram and have slowly began making introductions to the cast and crew. How? Testing their roof surviving skills. read more



I’m beyond excited to be working on a new personal project. Together with another talented friend, I’ve co-written a short screenplay. For the past several weeks we’ve kind of isolated ourselves from the world, writing day and night to create a compelling short drama. When we were finally done, we looked at each other with a mix of disbelief and anxiety ( in an exciting way )  to be typing “the end” on the final page. Since then lots has happened.  read more


Since last year I started this very unexpected ( especially for me ) obsession with camping, being outdoors and close to nature. I guess that’s what four Chicago winters will do to a person. This trip was just a few weeks ago to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. We drove a little over one and a half hours from the city and just like that, no signs of civilization.

Just kidding. In fact, this was a Holiday weekend and somewhat busy. The original plan was to set camp at Starved Rock, but reservations were sold out, so we booked a nearby camp site ( all ahead of time ) and headed to Matthiessen State Park instead because I knew they had more waterfalls ( the ones you can swim in) and that’s kind of my thing. I grew up around those.

For food we packed empanadas to go and some other snacks in a backpack. After I took my first dip in the waterfall, we found a big rock where we spread our towels on to dry off and enjoyed a mid-hike snack. Before we knew it, the day was gone and we were exhausted from all the hiking.

For dinner, chicken pot pie from bang bang pie which I didn’t get a picture of because at that point I was more concerned with eating than documenting and also, by dinner time it was pretty dark. Robison snapchatted a photo of me blow drying my hair back at the camp site to all our friends, a scene neither of us will forget and that also is me in-a-nutshell.

one-piece / matthiesson state park / bang bang pie

Shoot : 01

Flavia_Borges This was one of my favorite shoots to date. I feel as though they capture the essence of who I am and how I felt as they were snapped. Thanks to the talented photographer Clay Boutte. Flavia_Borges_2 read more

Currently : 05


ONE I’m not sure if it’s the warm fire or the smell of wood burning but recently, nothing on my list tops sitting by the fire-place with a soft blanked. Problem is, we don’t have one at our place. Now qualifying as a deal breaker before signing our next lease.

TWO Working on lines for me these days require quiet, a cup of hot peppermint tea and paleo cookies.

THREE I’ve been fighting through what felt like the longest cold anyone has had in history. Over a week of bad breathing really knocked this girl down. And guess what? It didn’t feel bad to sleep in a couple of mornings.

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