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Nail Strip

It’s been a while since I’ve become an avid consumer of Sally Hansen real nail polish strips.  If I’m feeling a little down, all I gotta do is stop by the closest CVS, stick them on my nails and leave the apartment for a line of compliments, guaranteed. Joy!

People always ask me if they last long or at least the 10 days promised on the package, and they totally do, as long as you apply it correctly.

For nearly $10 a box with 16 strips, I try to get maximum usage out of them by opening just one of the two little packs with eight strips each.  One strip alone is definitely enough to cover two nails and if you open both packs at once and don’t use it all right away the nail polish will dry off . Been there, done that.

No reason to be intimidated. This is not only super easy, but it comes with  instructions and everything. But you know how we like things broken down bit-by-bit around here, so, here you go:

Step 1 – Remove the transparent plastic from one strip first

Step 2 – Now remove the white paper from underneath the nail strip

Step 3 – All you gotta do is place the polish sticker over the nail. Notice I precut mine  in half to use on another finger.

Step – 4 Take off the excess on the sides and you should be all done. No waiting time (Oh yeaaah)


Bow Tie

Wearing: vintage blouse, urban outfitters sweater, zara pants, forever 21 belt, boutique 9 shoes

I hope everyone had a holly jolly Christmas, with plenty of eating, noise,  “Home Alone” playing in the background, gift exchanging… you know, the usual. The Robinson’s Holiday Extravaganza began on the 23rd, with the ladies lunch and cookie decorating/baking ritual following. On the 24th, we began a new tradition with a midnight Christmas dinner (a Brazilian thing that I’ve brought on to the table, literally. On the 25th we opened gifts while savoring my mother-in-law’s crazy-good finger foods and later reunited with the whole Jacobi clan (grandma, aunts/uncles and cousins for an even larger celebration). It’s the next day and I still feel the food coma. Santa was extremely generous this year (Tom Ford’s Nikita: awesome), there’s no room for complaining. What about you guys? Any new traditions or old ones you would like to tell me about so I can copy next year?

Christmas Shopping

Last day of Five Days of Holly Jolly with Taylor Swift singing “Silent Night”:

Let’s talk about the best place to shop for last minute Christmas gifts for just about anyone. Urban Outfitters is it, boys and girls. I know this is kind of late to be talking about holiday shopping (less than three short nights to go, yay!) but we also know many of us (not me, nooo) leave things for the very last minute.

I don’t mean to fool ya with these photos, which  are from an earlier visit to U.O. Wicker park in November. But I figured you’d like to have something to look at while glancing over my babbling words. That said, Urban Outfitter rocks for many reasons. I mean, any place where you can find the most charming sequined vest (photo hook), the best entertainment read and the quirkiest house-ware all at once should be tagged as something else.

To prove my point, take a glimpse at this instagram-perfect, multi-photo frame? Divine, ins’t it?

But forget that, look at the shelf stacked with various juicy hardcover writing! Very fitting if you’ve got like, two days before Christmas and no time to wander through bookstore aisles if search for a good gift-read. I definitely don’t!

Okay, you’re not sold yet? Fine. Try my last minute gift guide and discover why (by counting how many times I suggest a gift found there)  U.O. might be your life saver this Holiday and you’re welcome to come thank me afterward.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and shopping, santa and gifts aside, let’s remember what this date is really about.

Black Sequin, Au!

I’m wearing: forever 21 jacket, h&m men’s shirt and boots, columbia leggings, urban outfitters turban, michael kors watch, trevita and hellen lima bracelets

I’ve always had some kind of preconception when it came to wearing sequin at any given day, which I’ve obviously come to terms with quickly this winter (examples of me getting comfy and bling-ish most recently here, and also here). Let’s be real, it’s a bit Billy Jean for everyday use. That’s why I tried to dress it down in this outfit and see if I could make it more wearable. The turban is new material too. See how it doesn’t quite fit my head right but I wear it anyways? I’m so hardheaded. Wait…

Five Days of Holly Jolly: now playing “Dreaming of a White Christmas”, “Home Alone” classic scene:

DIY Gift Tag

It was last night while prepping for gift wrapping that  I went through the list: boxes, check! Paper, check! Ribbon, check! Gift tags cheee…gift tags… any tags… I’ve got nothing! So I did the first thing one does when in hot water: googled. DIYs  popped up all over the map. Idea given, idea accepted, I came up with an easy solution: heart shaped magazine cutouts and thread to summarize my vision. Piece of paper cake

No outdoor photos today, because “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on my radio station:

  •  magazine
  •  scissors
  •  thread

On to the good stuff

Get a mag that was destined to the trash and re-purpose it by ripping of a page, or two, or more. Choose anything but a black page like I did (apparently one can’t photograph and think at the same time) and remember you’ve gotta actually write on it (from who to whom).

Cut out a heart or whatever you’d like (ability to cut is the limit) from that piece of paper

No, I’m not blind. I realize my heart is asymmetrical,but that’s what I was going for, a very weird shaped heart. Weird is good.

If you choose to free hand a little ticker like me, fold one of the tips and cut a tiny hole in the paper

You’re welcome to replace this with the material of your choise, but my restricted options offered dental floss or cotton thread. I figured cotton was less higienic but yet more appropriate. I got a big piece and folded it many times, making it a “thicker” tread and tying the ends.

Pass it through the heart hole and tie a knot around it.

Next, get your pre-wrapped gifts box, or back and tie the thread around it with another knot. Alternatively, you can also use scotch tape to hold the thread to the wrapping material

Cut off the excess, and heaaay! You’ve made your own gift tags to be puffed up about.

Simple Chignon

I knew it! You’re obsessing about my Christmas updo! Just kidding, I’m not that pretentious or obnoxious but I was secretly hoping someone would ask how to. It’s very easy and all you need is:


  •  a brush
  •  lots of bobby pins
  •  two clear elastic bands (they’re sitting on top of the bobby pins, I swear!)
  •  exceptionally good hairspray
  •  some kind of hair accessory
  •  hope (always)

Shall we?

Let it Snow

Wearing: bebe dress, forever 21 jacket, topshop yellow and net tights, arezzo shoes, trevita necklace and bracelet, h&m clutch

With yesterday’s gift guide and this I guess it’s extra long-post week, huh? If you don’t mind, I don’t. You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? I was thinking of you when putting this one together: dressed up tiny little black dress. Everyone has one of these in the closet, all you gotta do is be inventive with the accessories. Going all out (bold prints + wild textures) all at once is not exactly required, some may think it is a bit overdone (I wasn’t totally sold myself after the first mirror-check) but keep in mind it’s Christmas and you only get to dress up for this occasion once a year (duh!).

On Five Days of Holly Jolly radio station,  ”Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by Michael Bubble