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Viva Las Vegas

I’m wearing: topshop blouse, h&m sweater and bag, forever 21 vest, columbia leggings, jeffrey campbell boots channel sunglasses, trevita and hellen lima bracelets

That’s where I rang up the New Year, amongst some of my closest friends and around lots of gambling…machines. It’s no secret I’m less Black Jack winner profile and more  Sex and the City slots type: “If you win Carrie, you win Big”. I said this phrase (totally unintentionally) when I spotted the machine and now I’m attached (hence the repetition on twitter and now here. Anyways, indulging inconveniently great food, ordering raspberry cosmos and crying at Celine Dion live on the other hand, my specialty. But enough about my New Year, how did you spend yours?

Winter Wonderland

I’m wearing: bailey 44 dress, forever 21 jacket, lori’s socks, hunter boots, store b vintage hat

Nope, you’re not crazy nor am I wearing hair extensions. It just happens to be from before Christmas (sorry about the delay in posting). My hair remains short and healthy (for now anyways). How excited was I to be stepping on actual snow? No words can describe it. But I’ll try: it’s a feeling of taking ownership in wearing a fur hat, high stockings and rain boots at once. Get it?


Just hours before I left on vacation, I ran into the benefit to redeem gift a card and mostly, find out if this cute little beauty shop is as good as it looks.

Before pushing on the door nob I made sure to check the board to see if there were any additional promos I could pair up with my gift card (I’m cheap like that). A trio tan sounds great and a make-up update sounds marvelous, but right after the Holidays when my money has long vanished, not gonna lie, a little extra incentive would have been nice. But that was okay cause I had my gift card.

As I walked in, I was kindly greeted and quickly put on the schedule for an eyebrow arch wax.

Thanks, I’ve always suspected (encouraging message on the wall. I like it!)

Anybody else want to move in this place? It’s so freaking adorable. While I waited, I didn’t really. They invited me to sit down and put on some of their core products: face cream, primer, powder, blush. All of which felt nice on the skin and look no less darling. Most products stayed within the $30 mark, so not that bad.

Here you can see Jessica working her magic on another client. Before I could pucker my lips I was sitting on that very same chair. The moment I’d been waiting for, the first time I’d let an American touch my eyebrows (no prejudice, it always seemed easier and logical to go to the ones who invented it (Brazilian wax). Wait, we invented wax down there… nervermind! The thin eyebrow scare had me doubting American brow waxes. Sad but true.

Living in the Midwest has forced me into many odd situations, like not being able to order chicken hearts at the restaurant. What’s that about? But it’s also served to show me I can survive it all. Do I regret it? No, Jessica did an awesome job (I dosed of on the chair quite a few times I was so relaxed) and I love how my brows turned out.

I’ll say the sales pitch felt a little pushy at times, but I guess that’s part of the whole experience and a very personal take by me. You go, get your beauty treatment going and take home the supplies. Maybe I was a little thrown back because I was there solely to try the brow bar.

Before every client walks out the door, they hide the redness caused by waxing with skin products and makeup, which I thought was a nice touch.

Once I got to the register, an inconvenient surprise: my gift card which would expire no later than two days later wasn’t valid for Friday nights. My fault for have completely forgotten this, rules are rules, I understand. But thinking on the customer service side, cutting me a little slack would have left a lasting impression on a first timer, compulsive at times,  shopaholic Lulu.

The verdict: This is a great place to come get an eyebrow wax. I’d come back for that reason alone. Treatment prices are reasonable. Extensive variety of beauty products, pushy sales pitch friendly staff but average costumer service.

Where? 1616 N Damen Ave (between Milwaukee Ave & North Ave) Chicago, IL 60647


Side French Braid

Remember when it was a cold day and I we out to learn ice skating? That day I was wearing a side french braid which a tutorial for has been requested. The wait is over boys (with long hair) and girls. You’ll need two clear elastic bands and you should be good to go:

Chop Chopped

I’m wearing: topshop shirt, h&m sweater, jeffrey campbell boots, tom ford sunglasses, urban outfitters bag

Say hello to my new bob. While I was away for Christmas, my aunt Debby who’s a hair dresser took matters into her  scissors hands to save what was left of healthy anything on my head. Counteless rounds of relaxers, color and bleach later my hair was feeling more like my Barbie doll’s synthetic head. Not good. Surprisingly I didn’t think much of what I wanted before sitting in the chair and letting Debby work her magic. I’m very happy with the outcome. Classic, short, sleek, healthy. Very Anna (Wintour)

Feeling Red-ish

I’m wearing: trevita dress, h&m skirt, versace for h&m belt, forever 21 tights, jeffrey campbell boots, ray ban sunglasses, accessorize earrings

Mrs. Claus, is that you? If so, you’re awfully late, huh? Just kidding … It’s me, you guys! Ps: Feeling wild today.  These photos were taken on Christmas day right after gift unwrapping (bags are empty indeed). We had a gorgeous sunny day  in Indiana, still chilly, when I thought: what better day to try out a super bright, red-ish, warm outfit? And I literally had to force the tights up my legs. For some reason black and cold feels a little more natural. A little curious fact? I’ve almost tossed the red jacket at least five times in the past but my husband always keeps me from doing so. Should I thank or blame him?

Desk Makeover

Nothing like an easy little DIY  to kick off the New Year on the right foot (okay, Lulu). This one I did a while back but for the sake of freshly pressed blogging, let’s pretend it’s right out of the oven. We were handed down this beautiful 1940’s, desk handmade by Elliott’s grandfather for his Dad when he was growing up in Canada. We were so happy to help keep it in the fam and obviously to use and give it our ow personal touch. Here’s the before and after from the parents garage to beautifully sitting in our Chi-town pad:

I thought you you’d ask. Well, because it’s a vintage desk with sentimental value, we didn’t want to go crazy-painty on it. We might change our minds later, but for now, that’s what feels right: keep it old and simple, and for that matter, older and prettier.

First I distressed the edges by sanding it down real good. Please don’t look at my nails, would you? So embarrassing…

Not much of a change so far, huh? Hang in there, we’ll get to something soon.

Second, I removed each drawer, taped the corners I wanted to remain ivory and with a super large brush, painted the sides with latex paint.

I left it alone for a few hours (not many though, patience is not my thing) then spread Behr Premium Plus With Style Satin Faux Glaze around the tips and edges. Leave it on for few seconds and wipe off the excess with a damp cloth. This gives it even more of a vintage look with all the black corners and all. Soon after it was time for the drawers to receive the glaze (just on the front).

This is what the drawers look like once we put them back in place.

This is when I got lazy. It happens in every family, and I’m the master in mine. Ripped off newspaper placed over desk, “sealed” with glass on top, look at that!

We planned of switching the handles for something more fun and current like all of these from Anthropology but turned out his grandpa would not be very pleased (since he made it literally impossible with the tiny nails he originally used to hold his handles up) and we decided to leave it alone.

We’re clearly not all done in the “office department”. A nice chair would be, well… nice. And probably more comfortable than this temp chair we got. But as of now, this is what our vintage desk looks like: