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gap shirt, asos shorts, raybay sunglasses

It’s been a while since I last shared an outfit post here. One of the reasons being lack of time. In Cancun I had enough time to spare and since my husband and I carried the camera everywhere, we managed to capture shots that will help compose just a few outfit posts. On this particular day we lounged at a beautiful park known as xcaret. For the hot and sunny weather, I wore something light and casual enough to walk around as we explored the area. Swimsuit underneath, of course!









Two days ago my husband and I returned from what we’ve agreed was a second honeymoon. Cancun was extremely relaxing and indulging. It was our first all-inclusive experience and I’ve gotta say, not too shabby! Most of our days were spent laying out in the sun and bravely diving into the mexican cousine. When I shut my eyes I can still see the turquoise blue water and feel the ice cold pinã colada wrapped in my hand. Dream of paradise!


isla mujeres1

zama beach club


oasis palm cancun2









Holiday Cheer

I can’t believe it’s already less than a week till Christmas! Thankfully I’ve been listening to a lot of Michael Buble Holiday playlist so Christmas won’t slip by.

There’s nothing more cozy than popping a bottle of wine open while listening to our favorite records. Elliott and I always contemplated the idea of owing an old record player and most recently we found this great refurbished number on Etsy.

How about you? Any fun Christmas traditions to help spread holiday cheer?


Ready for something new? I’ve been wanting to do a video like this for ages and now that I did I’m very excited (and embarrassed at the same time if that’s even possible) to share it with you. “Maybe” by Ingrid Michaelson is one of my favorite tunes and one I enjoy singing too. If you were expecting Christmas carols I’m sorry to disappoint. I did record one, however my external hard drive misbehaved causing me to lose the whole file. And then I almost died (of sadness for having lost the whole  file).  But I guess it wasn’t meant to be. So ladies and gents, here you go (I hope you like it):


asos coat, forever 21 dress (old), topshop peter-pan collar shirt


I’ve been photographed by my husband for so long now that working with another photographer definitely threw me for a loop. Everything changes and it definitely reflects on the outcome. In a good way.  (My husband’s photos are great, really, but it’s nice to change things up once in a while)  These photos were part of a photo shoot for Francisco Rojas, a quite talented gentleman. I’ll be posting them here in a series of three, maybe four and as always, you’re welcome to let me know your thoughts!


Photography: Francisco Rojas

Short Film

A few weeks back I had the pleasure to work on a project for director CJ Richter. “Some Punishment” was my first short film and an incredible experience.

From watching the “making of” of movies, you always hear actors complain about “waiting around” until the crew is done with the lighting or other technical adjustments. They are not kidding!

While there’s a bunch of people walking around, moving sets, watching your every move, it’s important to remember you are playing a character and try to ignore the noise. Sometimes you’ll be asked to walk in a room with 2o people staring at you and pretend to be alone! It’s easier said than done.

But overall, I think I got pretty lucky to work with such talented and hard-working people.  I owe a special thanks to CJ and the producer Lauren Schmandt for being so freakishly amazing.

Small Screen Debut

Enough mystery! A couple of months ago I decided to give my acting career a real go. I know, I’ve never actually mentioned anything about being an actress because I tend not to talk about things I’m not actually actively pursuing. Don’t wanna be that person who talks much but does little.


Instead I remained quiet and promised myself I’d bring it up when/if something worth mentioning happened. Turns out that after two weeks of trying I was cast in the Fox series The Mob Doctor.



The story of a female doctor who works part-time for the mob boss (William Forsythe),  takes place in my home city of Chicago and airs at 8 pm on Mondays. The episode above is called Complications and you can catch it on Fox’s website.


Acting and music have been passions of mine since I was a little girl. At 16 I moved to a bigger city so I could get some training by attending a good improv acting school. With my move to the US I had to delay my plans of pursuing a career in showbiz. For the past year I’ve been sitting in acting classrooms trying to get back to my game, and most recently I’ve been throwing myself at opportunities like this.

There are some exciting things happening which I’ll keep you posted about. But for right now I’m just happy and blessed to be doing what I truly love.