Battle Of The Closets

You’ve seen the transformation both my regular closet and  accessories closet went through. Now I wanna know from you what I can’t seem to decide for myself. Who wins?

But first, for some insight. I bet you’re wondering if everything stays neatly organized like that on any given day and the answer is a straight “no.” Like a normal 25 year old who often doesn’t have time for lunch, I also don’t have time to color coordinate my shoes in a perfect line. That being said, I did my share of the work by picking individual favorites (cause you deserve a break). But you pick the final winner. Deal?

  •  Best Space Savor :: Shoe shelves. No brainner, shoes take and make the most room. (accessories closet)

  •  Best Make It Pretty, Useful  :: Round box set. It’s adorable but also hides so much junk for me. (regulat closet)

  •  Best Bang For Your Buck :: Yellow walls. Never underestimate what two coats of paint can do to a boring room. (accessories closet)

  •  Most Clever  :: Bracelet solution. A candle holder holds watches for a living.  True story. (regular closet)

  •  Most Functional :: Ring solution. Getting rid of my rings as fast as I can and finding it later just as quickly is real a blessing. (regulat closet)

 So, who takes the Best Closet Overall award?


  1. Your closet is fabulous and I love the suggestion on candleholders. Never thought of that. But I’m going to have to go with the accessories closet. btw love the blog, just discovered today :-)

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