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gap shirt, asos shorts, raybay sunglasses

It’s been a while since I last shared an outfit post here. One of the reasons being lack of time. In Cancun I had enough time to spare and since my husband and I carried the camera everywhere, we managed to capture shots that will help compose just a few outfit posts. On this particular day we lounged at a beautiful park known as xcaret. For the hot and sunny weather, I wore something light and casual enough to walk around as we explored the area. Swimsuit underneath, of course!








asos coat, forever 21 dress (old), topshop peter-pan collar shirt


I’ve been photographed by my husband for so long now that working with another photographer definitely threw me for a loop. Everything changes and it definitely reflects on the outcome. In a good way.  (My husband’s photos are great, really, but it’s nice to change things up once in a while)  These photos were part of a photo shoot for Francisco Rojas, a quite talented gentleman. I’ll be posting them here in a series of three, maybe four and as always, you’re welcome to let me know your thoughts!


Photography: Francisco Rojas

Closet Conversations

So, last week the amazing Nikia from Chitown Fashionista released the very last episode of her fabulous video series Closet Conversations. And guess who the subject for that one was? It looks like me! We chatted a bit about my most precious closet finds, how I came to Chicago, what inspires me in fashion and other little things.

I have to say it’s very strange for me to watch myself talking. It’s different from singing or when I have a script to interpret in my hands (when I actually feel like I know what I’m doing) but going on and on about my own life/possessions proved quite challenging. Wanna see for yourself how I did?

What did you guys think? Would you like to see more video content where I actually speak, yes, no?

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

If  you didn’t know what to wear for Hallowen, here’s an idea! Make some good use out of the most classic and reliable piece in your closet, the little black dress and go Audrey Hepburn!


And how I put together my Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume? Here:

Gogo Vintage little black dress, party city gloves, vintage sunglasses, christian louboutin shoes, pearl necklace purchased in Brazil, and a donut bun. Happy Halloween!

Pearls & Black

See, I told you it wouldn’t be long until the next update and look at that! Here I am. Husband and I are currently working on a new video, and this time  it’s for Halloween! Last year I went quite crazy with nine different homemade halloween costumes (from Lady gaga to Duchess of Cambridge. Fun times!)


So this year I’m landing on one single theme to show you all! I did most of the shopping online through Etsy and Party City’s website, combining new with old items I already owned.


It’s the the third year in a row I try to think outside the box and re-create my halloween costume before surrendering to pre-packaged options. It’s more fun this way!  Judging from the photos above, can anybody guess what I’ll be for Halloween?


See Ya!

Last week we celebrated one full year of Lulu Abroad. Yay again! And since then, guess what? I haven’t been updating as often as I wish. Anyone who has a blog of any sort knows how much commitment and time is takes to produce new content on a regular basis. It’s no joke! (you saw it here)


And those who have liked the blog enough to stick around for a while also know I do my best to deliver better-than-I-thought-was-possible-for-Flavia material for you. Which doesn’t exactly make my life easier. But I love it and there’s that.



Which first leads me to apologize for being absent. And second to warn you all: this will continue to repeat itself. Life is getting busier, the wind is blowing in the right direction, I’m pursuing my dreams and things are finally happening. Apology #2 coming right up: Sorry for being so vague but when it comes to sharing this stuff I tend to be a little reserved.



But don’t go anywhere! Better yet, go, wait and come back! The blog will continue to live and that could mean even more so through video content. Exciting, no? The bottom line is that it won’t be updated as often as it was before. I know that part sucks. And so there’s no reason to “keep you here”  (no checking for daily updates anymore more) but I’d love a sporadic visit (just once in whenever?)


How will you know to check back for new stuff? As always, I’ll let you know through FacebookYoutubeTwitter, Instagram (@luluabroad), Pinterest and Bloglovin.

Not a social media geek? Subscribe here! This is not a definitive thing though and if anything changes, you’ll be the first to know!

See ya whenever?


A Day In The Life

I can’t believe it’s been a year, huh? It seems like just a few weeks ago when my very first post went live on September 19, 2011. If you ask me, I’ve really enjoyed the times I’ve spent creating new content for my own little piece of the internet. Of course there were also times when joy gave way to stress and I wanted to pull my hair out, but nothing crazy.



I’ve learned a great deal. Went from not knowing what cache and cookies were to improvising html tricks here and there. A  year ago I didn’t know how much of a difference this blog would make in my life. And now I’m glad I do. So in celebration of Lulu Abroad’s first blogiversary I present you with “A Day in The Life”, a close look at my routine as a personal style blogger.


And of course, the blog wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for each one of you who stop by to check on me. Thank you for reading. Cheers!