So you wanna know what this Lulu chick is all about, huh? You’ve asked and I’ve answered:

1. Who takes your pictures?
Most of the photos seen here are taken by my sweet husband Elliott. If I’m not in it, most likely I took it.

2. Are you a fashion expert of some sort?
You think? How flattering! If  by “expert” we mean went to school for fashion design or hold any kind of degree, award, medal, trophy, wooden spoon, the answer is no. However, I enjoy the topic to so much you’ll find writing in publications like Orlando Style Magazine, Vitrine Minas and adorofarm.

3. Who does your hair and makeup?
My personal hair and makeup artist is responsible for my picture-perfect look. Just kidding! I can only wish I had that kind of cash (and that I always looked picture perfect). Jokes aside, I do my hair and makeup for the pictures. It’s  nothing fancy.

4. What’s the deal with this blog?
I post mainly about my outfits but my apartment, the DIY projects  and upgrades I make to it is definitely a big part of the whole project. If there’s anything else that I feel is relevant or interesting I never  hesitate to include it in here.

5. Where are you from originally?
I was made in Brazil. I even have a tattoo that says so. No, really.  If we wanna get specific, I was born and raised in Ipatinga, but spent my last years in Brazil in none other than the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro in the hot neighborhood of Ipanema. Yes, I’m the “Girl from Ipanema” Sinatra sang about. You know, Ipatinga, Ipanema, “Potayto, Potahto!”

6. What language do you speak?
Shame on you! Everyone knows in Brazil we speak Spanish! Wait, what? It’s true, most people in Brazil can speak/understand Spanish but Portuguese is our native and national language. Problem is,  I’ve been told I speak Spanish so many times now I’ve just learned to accept it as partial truth.

7. Who’s the I-think-I-can-sing voice that appears in every “how to” video you make?
It’s me, silly! Far from a professional singer, I’ve had little training (working on that as I type) but singing is something I love with a passion. I figured why not save you all from the torture session it’d be listening to my thick accent and awkward spoken English by singing instead? So far, nobody complained.

8. I’m coming to Chicago. Yay! Where should I go?
You probably know just as much as I do on how to tour in Chicago, where to stay, go, love, pray and eat. Although I know you can watch a movie with the last three. However, since I moved here in 2011, I’ve kept count of the interesting places I’ve visited and you can read all about these places by selecting the “Pit Stops” and “In Chi-city” categories on the sidebar.

9. I wanna come to Brazil. Any tips?
Yes. Brazil is a big country, larger than the continental US (heck yeah) with many different destinations, so it’d be a huge and unrealistic commitment attempting to draft a general tour guide. I encourage anyone interested in picking up some samba moves and shooting authentic caipirinha to check the Brazilian embassy website prior to making any travel arrangements, including getting your visa.

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