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    •  Lulu Abroad is a personal style blog, written and designed by me and only me, Flavia Robinson. Alright! My friend and graphic designer Carol Drumond helped with the graphics, but you get it! It’s a place where I share everything that sweap me off my feet and the butt off the couch. And that happens to be fashion and interior decorating. By no means I’m an expert, quite the opposite. As amateur as can be, I try to pass but sharing nearly every trial doesn’t put me at odds.
    • All the beauty tutorials, home improvement and decorating suggestions you see at Lulu Abroad are just me, a non educated in the area attempting ideas I’ve also seen somewhere else. I’m not a pro, so make sure you do your homework, take all the precautions necessary because I can’t be held responsible for the outcome of your attempts or your safety. Nevertheless, if things go south, you get injured or are not pleased with the outcome you expected for a beauty tutorial or home improvement tip, I’m in no way liable.
    •  Nearly all photo content seen on this site are rights protected Lulu Abroad. I try to keep things fresh and original, however if you happen to be the rightful owner of any image shown on this blog and object to their use here, please contact me and it shall be removed immediately.
    •  If you love love much much my images, feel free to use them as long as it’s credited and linked back to Lulu Abroad. Yay for sharing!
    •  I ask you don’t duplicate my text. Life is hard as it is, thank God for paraphrasing or summarization, so let’s use it. And I know it may not seem like it but I invest big chunks of my time (and lots of love) putting thought into what goes on here, so I’d like to keep it exclusive for my readers. No copy and paste, folks. Google Rankings doesn’t like it, I don’t and you won’t either (duplicate content hurts ya too).
    •  All reviews written here about a particular establishment I’ve visited are 100 percent my honest opinion from the experience I’ve had while using their services. I don’t accept any kind of compensation to talk about these places or companies. Let’s make that crystal clear.
    •  I make use of affiliate links through in outfit posts, occasionally throughout other  posts and on the side bar (where I clearly state this practice). It’s very important for me that I keep transparent and integral. That’s why these affiliate links are only used combined with products I already use/have or believe in. There’s no hidden nothing: I like it, I recommend it and I get a small commission for the sales that I may motivate.
    •  I’m not paid for featuring giveaways and only work with companies I believe will appeal to Lulu Abroad readers.  It’s all for you guys and there’s nothing in it for me except a little satisfaction in rewarding my loyal readers.
    •  I facilitate giveaways but don’t actually give anything away myself. The company who sponsors the giveaway is the one who ships prizes and all. So I cannot be held liable for any products that doesn’t get received since I’m not directly involved with shipment. Any complains or issues regarding shipment, delivery, receipt, quality and quantity of prize must be  resolved with the company who’s sponsoring the giveaway directly.
    • I don’t provide your contact information to any outside company (more on that here), unless I’ve directly asked for your permission, which will only happen if you won a giveaway and the company needs to ship the prize to you.
    •  Your comments are moderated by me as I get a chance to look through each and every one. I please ask that if you don’t like an outfit, tutorial, home decorating or other tips you see on Lulu Abroad (hey, it’s alright to express your frustration. I for one, gently dislike pickles. There you go!) communicate it in a classy, helpful manner.

    Now that I’ve covered my tushy you are free to enjoy everything you possibly can at Lulu Abroad. Email me if you have any additional questions, read my privacy policy  and  the FAQ’s for more info.

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