I’ve spent a lot of time the past few weeks working on this awesome project that I shared with you guys here. Since then, lot’s has happened. We launched a crowd-funding campaign to fund our project, got some awesome press ( read it here )  and raised a little more than double what we asked to fund our film. Boy, what a ride!

The story is centered on two total strangers on the verge of suicide. Their paths cross when Adam and Evelyn have the same exact idea: jumping from the top of a roof ( the same roof ). The twist? They get locked up there. Now, aside from sorting out their own internal conflicts, they have to deal with one another.

While my co-writer and I were finalizing the script, an amazing team of talented female filmmakers ( and a super talented gentleman) have come together to make it all happen. We’ve been keeping everyone updated on all behind-the-scenes stuff through the film’s official Instagram and have slowly began making introductions to the cast and crew. How? Testing their roof surviving skills.

01 : Patricia Mario – Makeup : If she could choose a celebrity to be stuck on a roof with, it’d be Sean Penn. When it comes to choosing just one item to bring with her, a bottle of water to hydrate. And dark chocolate would do it for her if the food department.

02 : Mindy Fay Parks – 1st Assistant Director : “If I could choose to get stuck on a roof with someone, I’d have to go with Johnny. Johnny Depp has been my favorite actor and was my biggest teenage crush. I also really want to be bffs with Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet so, being stuck on a rooftop with them would surely help that ambition. If I could only bring one item it’d be my favorite book. “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon.
If I could only eat one thing, Thai curry. I could eat Thai curry every day”.

03 : Olivia Torres – Sound : If Olivia had a choice of what celebrity she would get stuck on a roof with it’d be Starlee Kine or Amy Schumer. Only allowed one item? No problem. She says a pack of brand new black sharpies will do. And what about food? “Jack’s Frozen Pizza (preferably unfrozen) ”

04 : Flavia Borges – Evelyn : “If I could choose to get stuck on a roof with someone these days it would be my newest celebrity crush, Domhnall Gleeson ️. If I could split my time between him and Michael Jackson it wouldn’t be so bad either. If I could bring one item it’d be music. But that’s not an item. A portable, solar radio then. If I could only have one food, I’d stock up on perfectly seasoned (garlic, onions and salt) white rice.  No need to be stuck really. Would survive on that period”.

05 : Livia Margon – Director : If she could choose someone: Daniel Day lewis to be stuck with. Hold up! She’d fly all the way to São Paulo to stock up on her favorite polvilho chips before getting stuck anywhere.  “Something to write in/with” is her object of choice.

06 : Sean Wilson – Adam : Pick an item to bring : “I’d most definitely want my acoustic guitar. A celebrity to kill time with. “This is tough! I’d pick Marc Maron because he’d have a lot of interesting stories from all his interviews”. On food to eat. “As for food, I’d want a bunch of trail mix. Good variety. Big fan of trail mix”.

07 : Laith Khalifeh – Grip : 1 : “If I had to choose a celebrity it would be Jimmy Page. I would definitely need my camera and plenty of film to shoot – even without a lab to process, at least I get to know I’m shooting film. Food is probably the hardest to choose. I’d have to go with anything Cuban. Ropa vieja is my first choice”.

08 : Sarah Little – Gaffer : “If I could choose to get stuck on a roof with someone, I’d pick Jeff Goldblum. Things would get weird. If I could only bring one item, it’d be a huge ball of yarn. I could knit for hours until someone came looking for me! If I could only bring a self contained food item, I’d readily pick an apple. It would have to be the right kind of apple, though. Mealy apples are terrible”.

09 : Morgan Cranston – Director of Photography : If she could choose someone to be stuck on a rooftop with, that person be Harley Streten. She would survive on mangoes “lots of ’em” while up there. And if she was allowed to bring one item: a telescope.



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