My Philosophy

During my time in Brazil last May I was introduced to My Philosophy, a very urban and relatively new Brazilian designer brand. Very nice to meet you, darling! Clothing makers are always very welcome in my life! The store is literally street fashion on steroids, hung-up on clothing racks. Not exactly Brazilian street fashion per se. It totally ditches the country’s traditional bohemian chic seen everywhere else for crazy prints and lots of lace, which are quite foreign at my native land in a way.

Most clothing pieces reminded me of the fashion you’ll stumble upon on the streets of London: bold, retro, and even a little punk (but again, I’ve never been to London, I’m talking based what I’ve seen from afar and on print). They’re definitely bringing new flavor to the insanely hot city of Rio, where floral and relaxed fitting stand as sure staples all year round

My garimpo, which translates to “my treasure hunt” is what they call a space dedicated to featuring vintage items from all over the world, collected by the owners over countless international trips . Diamond quality vintage pieces, all  in easy reach to lucky My Philosophy customers. If you plan on stopping by Rio sometime soon (cause you know, it’s just around the corner  globe) this store is a must-shop-there deal.

And if you think I left there empty-handed (don’t be silly!) you’re mistaken my friend. Accessories were such an easy target since I had to think ahead in fitting everything back in my suitcase before departure day. This earring, this belt  and this belt all came from a My Philosphy pile and now happily reside in “My Drawer.”


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