April Delight

I hope you all had a great, chocolate-filled (milk preferably cause that’s what I think is best) Easter. This year I traded hours worth of slaving on my traditional salt cod dishes (desalting is a bitch ) for a delicious brunch by the river followed by a stroll to the park under the most shockingly beautiful weather.

tulips everywhere


navy and polka dotted red combo


banana cream pie and cookie trouble


I should probably move


sea of flowers


my almost new kate spade icase




totally unintended, on-a-hurry but still edgy twisted ponytail


The Bride

I’m wearing: ines di santo flora gown, twigs and honey hair pieces, forever 21 bolero, pearl bracelet

A few days back I posted my wedding photos here, and now I need to say thank you for all the love received. So many of you expressed your well wishes and that put a huge smile on my face. But so much pampering made me wanna share even more, like the couture dress session with our amazing wedding photographer Abby Liga. See what happens when you tease?

Abby created a whimsical set to stage the shoot

Turns out, bold choices just weren’t my thing when it came down to actual wedding day fashion. But since this wasn’t wedding day,  why not give the gigantic, as big-as-my-face hair piece a try?

I baked red velvet cupcakes. They look yummy, but no!

Help yourself with some pocket watch tea!

When the ribbon from the hair piece began flying on my face, Abby used the accident to shoot. So clever and kind of cool.

And the good thing is: there’s more! Stay tuned, ladies.

Urban Outfitters Outlet

Not very long ago I heard about the Urban Outfitters Outlet in Lincoln Park aka  U.O Surplus. It sounded like an urban legend, something people fantasize about but doesn’t really exist in the material world. But no, it’s true!

True and huge. With an assortment for both men and women, it’s probably the only outlet I know that actually only sells merchandise first seen at the actual retail stores. And I lived in Orlando, I know my outlets.

See the tank tops hanging from the wall? $4.99 a pop. How about some BDG jeans for $9.99? Give it to me, baby!

I’d say about 70% of all clothing are priced under the ten dollar mark. Sweet. There’s only one small problem: there aren’t enough sizes available. Although if you’re a petite, you’ll be well served (0-2’s sizes by the bulk).

It could have been a mirage, but I swear some of those booties were at Michigan Avenue just two weeks prior (where they were already on sale).  Compound discount spotted!

Now, I don’t recall these shoe prices, but that usually means they weren’t impressive enough to stick ( the prices, the shoes were cute).

The verdict: Absolutely great outlet to find cool basics with Forever 21 prices. If you like to shop at the end of season you must stop by (I wish I had waited an extra week to get the same cardigan for half the money). A few statement pieces will make their way in here looking the same and weighing much less (on your pocket). Not ideal to spree at, but perfect for guilt-free impulse buys.  Pretend it just happened to be on your way to the drugstore.

Where? 2352 N Clark St (between Belden Ave and Fullerton Ave) Chicago, IL 60614



I’m wearing: topshop blouse, aqua skirt, forever 21 boots, michael kors watch, h&m and purchased in brazil bracelets and bangles, neon orange lipstick by mac

When I was a little girl, my mother and I got in a big car crash. I had to go through a risky operation and that left me with an also big scar across my belly. This has been part of me since, and it never really bothered me to the point I’d ever try to cover it up. Who am I kidding, belly display in Brazil is as classic as the trench coat. The transformations your body is exposed to overtime tells a story of who you are. Just like my “made in brazil” tattoo is expressive of where I come from and my wrinkles will represent wisdom acquired in years to come, my scar reminds me I’m a survivor. Something I never wanna forget. So hide it?

Easter Centerpiece

You all know how I like to decorate ahead of time, and although I will not go all out like I did for Halloween and  Christmas, Easter deserves a little attention too.  This centerpiece is ridiculously easy and very quick to make, however  the mushrooms won’t last over a day so you’ll either have to replace it or just make it when you’ll need it (Easter Sunday?) You’ll need:

  •  A vase (big, medium, small. It’s up to you)
  •   Styrofoam ( I used a sphere)
  •   Mushrooms (with stem)
  •   Toothpicks
  •   Paper (any kind that you can crumple)
  •   Preserved sheet moss (or real, you’re the boss)
  •   Optional: jelly belly eggs

Paper first

Foam second

Cover the top with the moss sheet.

Choose a good mushroom and stick the end with a toothpick

Stick the other point in the moss, through the foam underneath.

Now, you could be done! But if you wanna make your centerpiece scream Easter, you gotta take the prior step again, this time with jelly belly Easter eggs.

I think this took me five minutes from start to finish (not counting the last minute run to Walgreens to get jelly bellys).

Flat Iron Waves

A lot of my friends tell me they couldn’t curl their hair with a flat-iron to save their lives. I totally understand and know where the problem lies: delusion (sorry to break it to you, but it takes longer than five minutes). When I first attempted this, I was able to finish the whole hair but also looked like I was trying out for “The Lion King” in the role of Mufasa. It took me at least three tries until my locks began taking spiral shape. The key to curling with a straightener is persistence, no other. Weeks worth of practice and the realization: what I was really using the straightener for was to create big and loose waves. Sure a 1 1/4″ “curly” fits the bill, but it doesn’t quite deliver the same messy, surfer feel. Not to mention creating waves versus curls is a faster/easier, drama free process. Plus, if you already own a straighty, why spend more bucks on a tool you potentially already have? But that’s my rationale. Watch and make your own conclusions.



I’m wearing: h&m blazer, topshop blouse, zara jeans, necklace and bag, aldo shoes

Oh how I waited for this time to come. A time when it was nice enough out that I could sport my white jeans (and feel appropriate at the same time). I’ve also been desperately waiting to point out this beaded necklace from Zara. For some reason, I think of Cleopatra when I look at it. It may be a stretch from the gorgeous, gigantic neck pieces she used to wear, but for Lulu standards, it looks just fine. Like, I-want-to-sleep-wearing-it fine. I’m back in the city now (so nice to be home) and ready for a new season.