I’m wearing: zara sweater and skirt, h&m bag, carmen steffens shoes, tom ford sunglasses, up the amp lipstick by mac

We’re getting nicer and nicer days in Chicago and I honestly cannot wait till I go single layered for good, like I did here. This neon sweater with the bag and my favorite shades make for a favorite waist-up combination, hence the fierce look. It’s amazing how a simple outfit can boost your confidence to a level that’ll change your attitude. Feel the sass?


Light Winter

I’m wearing: dkny coat, zara jacket, topshop blouse, h&m skirt, h&m men’s scarf, arezzo shoes, urban outfitters clutch, forever 21 ring, mac honey love lipstick

I’ve been told this winter has been abnormally warm for Chicago standards. Works for me. So, on one of these abnormally warm days I went abnormal-for-winter with open toe pumps and a not so happy face. I try, but time has shown me I have a naturally (luckily, not abnormal) angry/sad face. Another abnormality about this outfit? Wearing my husbands scarf. Now thinking, I’ve worn his stuff  here, here, and here. More than normal now.

And for us girls, a happy International Women’s day!

Twisted Updo

Remember the loosely fashioned twisted updo I sported with the Soiree outfit? It was a hit. The girls at Refinery29 liked it quite a bit.  Here’s a quick how to (the tightly done version). You pick and choose.



If you live in Chicago, you know this name and that you may find more of these than any other fashion retailer in the city of Chicago.  Naturally, it was only a matter of weeks till I’d have to cut my credit card in half before setting foot in one of their many stores. I should have, but I didn’t. Closer to home, the Water Tower place store at Michigan avenue was my first pick.

Although this is a local store, it definitely doesn’t feel like one. First of all, it takes up just as much space as a big retailer would (large). Second, I was impressed by the amount of merchandise; racks and racks of potentially-mine garments.  But let’s be more specific.

You would not believe how many cocktail dresses of all colors and sorts. I’m talking about that dress you realize you don’t have just hours before that cool event. Well, they have it! And by peaking at the tags, I saw lots of $50, $70, $100. Not bad at all in case of an emergency.

The staff was friendly and offered to tour me around when I said it was my first time, which was nice because they had a huge sale going on and without the tour, it’d have been overwhelming. Although organized by color for the most part, the racks were a little too cramped. It reminded me of shopping at outlets in Florida (a memory I’d like to forget), and I don’t know about you, but for me, if it’s not Forever 21, a mess will turn me off real quick. But somehow, I got past that.

Some really cute and comfy cardigans were priced as low as 25 doletas. I had to stay away. One more of those and you could call me granny, all rights reserved.

They also have a large denim section to shop through, which I haven’t yet seen at another local shop. Another reminder Akira is something else.

Thumbs up for the accessories selection. My favorites were the belts, rings, and bracelets, but if you’re an oversized earring maniac, you’ll be well served.

Lastly, the picture wall is the strongest reminder this is a Chicagoan store.

The verdict: This is the place to find a cocktail dress that is cute, different and on a budget, especially if you’re running out of time. And if that’s the case, their large selection of accessories will help you complete the look. Their rings and bracelets are the cutest and the prices are good. If you’re visiting, it’s a nice change from the national shops you’ll be seeing at Michigan Avenue

Half Updo

After we shot the last outfit you saw here, I came upstairs and decided to film a quick how to video for the half updo. It’s the simplest hairdo ever, but just in case you were curious to see how I did it (or in case you’ve terribly missed my head-turn), here’s a step-by-step:


Black & Flowers

I’m wearing: versace for h&m jacket, topshop blouse and sweter,aqua skirt, zara tights, urban outfitter boots, francesca clutch

It took me long enough to pull this jacket out of my closet and make some good use of it. You know that garment in your closet you absolutely love individually, but at every attempt it doesn’t make it further than the mirror, right back to the hanger? It’s a shame because this one has a lot of potential, I know. Surprisingly, there were plenty of these left the night after the Versace for H&M launch and even months later. Like the Portuguese quote says “taste is just like a butt, everyone has got one” and apparently mine is very different from the rest.

Belt Solution

To conclude to closet renovation DIYs, here’s the belt organization system I came up with. Really, it’s nothing. Just a row of hooks screwed to the wall.

You’ll need:

  •   electric drill
  •   metal hooks (mine are #106 from home depot)

The picture below is from the necklace solution post, but since it’s essentially the same process for the belt solution, I’m using it for your reference.  Place a level against the wall to make sure your line is straight. Mark the wall with a pencil where you want the hooks to go. Drill the holes on the marks. The size of your wall and quantity of belts you’ll be hanging will dictate how many holes and hooks you’ll need.

Now you should be good to hang as many belts as you wish.