Fly With Me to NYC?

It was a business and fun-filled three days in the big apple. I hadn’t gone anywhere solo in quite a few years and this trip was a great reminder of how much of a talk-to-myself (even ask questions and promptly respond) individual I am. But I wasn’t as lonely as I had predicted. Meeting new folks and reconnecting with old friends made my expedition a lot more enjoyable. Wanna see what I saw?

first things first: window shopping at begdorf goodman

 chicken at the boat house

bubbly central park

pastel tones at dkny soho

settled in

people watching



I’m wearing: akira dress, trevita earrings, vintage belt, topshop tights, arezzo shoes, vintage bag

For the Independent Fashion Blogger Soiree the pressure was off. Assembling this outfit felt like a breeze compared to the outfit I posted on Tuesday. I spotted this dress at Akira (a local boutique I should be posting about fairly soon) and instantly knew it would serve me well. Black (although the purchase was made for a specific event, I was in serious need for something preto), basic but also flirty and fun. Me, happy.

Necklace Solution

This is the easiest way I found to hang all of my necklaces in an orderly manner. There’s absolutely nothing complicated about putting holes in a wall (I do it all the time when moving furniture around). If your necklace collection grows you can always add more hooks and frames (as long as you’ve got walls to work with). I was working with a very limited wall-space, since it was already inside my barely-walk-in closet. If I could pull it off, you can too. Or at least try.

You’ll need:

  •   hooks (#106 from Home Depot)
  •  frames (mine are thrifted and hand painted)
  •  electric drill

As you probably can tell by now, we don’t use rulers around here (very, very bad. Don’t follow). Use a level to make sure your frames will hang straight from the wall. Mark the place on the wall where you wanna place the hooks with a pencil.

Once you’re ready, drill the holes onto the walls and screw in the hooks

Place a frame over it, hang your necklaces, and done! Follow the links to create a sunglass and earring solution to accompany.

Now for a make-fun-of-Lulu little session. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture bellow?

IFB Conference Guide

To my fellow fashionistas out there:

Last week I attended the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference in NYC, and what a great experience that was. Roughly a week prior to the event, I came across Jessie’s post on Style and Pepper and became intrigued weather or not this would be a good opportunity to learn more about this new phenomenon known as professional blogging. Now I gladly know it was well worth the expense (oh boy) of flying out to NY last minute.

Bloggers from all over the map showed up for the event. Someone flew all the way from from down under (aka Australia). Crazy but so cool. In case you didn’t show your pretty-blogger face at Milk Studios, but perhaps are planning on attending the next event, here are the things I found useful knowing:

Grab some business cards before going out the door. Only one out of many bloggers I met that day didn’t have a business card handy. And when nearly everyone is prepared, that somehow doesn’t look so great. In a room packed with hundreds of people trying to strive in the fashion blogging industry, this is one of the ways you can stand out and show your personality. Don’t have one yet? Three words (minus the slash): Microsoft Word/Kinko’s. Oh and keep it on you at all times. You never know who you’ll meet when when.

Bring a jacket. The doors opened around 30 minutes after scheduled time while a generous line of fashion-savy girls formed under the cold New York weather. There is no coat check (or at least there wasn’t this time) but you should be fine hanging your outwear over your seat.

Arrive early. Consequently, sit just a short row away from Bryan-Boy (or other massively-known it bloggers). And if you plan on reporting the event on your own blog, this is crucial for good photo ops.

Explore your surroundings. Forget sniffing around the gift bag for a sec and say hello to whoever just sat next to you. Before the first panel starts, take the time to walk around and get familiar with the boots. J Brand, for example had a styling area where you could play around with their collection and all. Get your pictures taken then (it’ll get crazier later).

Give and receive business cards. It’s so easy to obsess 0ver showing and passing along your stylish, I-love-it-so-much business card and forget to collect your peers’. Remember that if you have their information, you can follow-up and control the situation yourself rather then anxiously wait for an email that might never come. One of the most important things about attending this conference to me was the networking opportunity and exchanging cards makes the process easy from the beginning.

Take notes. As many as you can, seriously. My iPad turned into a real life-saver when I was able to record the panels I found the most informative (practically all of it). You’ll be presented with loads of information. I don’t care how great of a memory you’ve got, you’ll walk out of there remembering about half of what you’ve heard. Wait to go to the bathroom during breaks (you don’t wanna miss crucial information in exchange for bathroom relief, no no).

Missed breakfast? Not to worry. They provided us with a generous complimentary lunch that included three different sorts of sandwiches, cookies (so yummy too), chips, energy drinks, vitamin waters, hot cocoa and so on. If you’re on a special diet, I’d bring food and use the long lunch break to do some more networking instead of running out to get something.

Talk to the pros. Even though a lot of these folks are pretty accessible on twitter, when was the last time you had the chance to have a face-to-face chat with a DKNY PR Girl girl and get a flattening complement from Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere? (She liked the Valentine’s Day inspired nails). No, they’re not celebrities, but panelists are there to share their success story with you. Perhaps by approaching them directly you can get  more specific feedback on your ideas and your blog. Don’t chase them down (that would be weird, right?) but if you happened to bump into someone you know, can give you valuable feedback, don’t hesitate to start up a conversation before they speak that day. This way you’ll beat the line of enthusiasts that will form along the stage after the panel is over.

Come to the party afterwards. Alright, I have to admit this wasn’t the most comfortable situation for me. I walked in totally solo. The room was already filled with plenty of beautifully dressed people who had also attended the conference that day, none of which I had met (dang it!). I guess my folks weren’t the party type. It was super intimidating to walk up to people when everyone seemed to be happy in their little circles. But still, I’m glad I went. I think the biggest benefit of being there was strengthening connections I made earlier that day and most importantly, getting to know those people a little more and realizing that it could be the start of a potential friendship.


Valentine Mani

Nail painting is a safe way to go celebratory without making a commitment. Unless you run out of polish remover, that is. Before attempting this one, I was sure it wouldn’t turn out. It might not of looked perfect but look at that! It did turn out. Wanna try this Valentine’s Day inspired mani? You’ll need:

  •   Navy Blue Polish
  •   Red or Pink Polish
  •   White Nail Art Brush

First, paint your nails with the blue polish. Next, use your nail art brush or polish pen to draw two thick horizontal lines across each nail.

While you wait for it to dry off, you can practice doing the heart on a piece of paper. I used the thin brush from the white polish, cleaned it off with a towel and dipped it into the pink polish.  Simply use the very tip to strike a small diagonal spot of paint (bottom left) and then another one perpendicularly , forming a little heart (bottom right).

Once you’ve got enough practice making hearts on the paper, try it over the nail. You can paint one heart on one nail or like me, one for each.

Navy Stripes

I’m wearing: zara top, pants and belt, gifted necklace, swatch watch, hellen lima bracelets, aldo shoes

Sure I didn’t think I’d be using these pre-blogging photos anymore, but every time I open their folder I feel the obligation to. These were snapped in Jan, 2010. It’s crazy to think that if I’d started the blog then, when I had developed an idea of what I wanted to blog about and started producing photo shoots, the blog would be just a little over two years old now.  But I’m a firm believer things happen when they have to. And here I am now, in Chicago, showing you how ridiculously nice the Florida winter is, so much a long 3/4 sleeve by the lake will do.

Earring Solution

Yesterday I showed a best-of-all-times sunglass solution as seen in my new closet. Now to the earring solution tutorial. Here’s what you’ll need:

  •   a frame (mine is thrifted and painted)
  •   a screen material purchased at any home improvement store
  •   a staple gun

Place your frame against the screen and  cut the screen following the shape.

Staple the ends. I recommend a thicker, stronger frame than mine (it didn’t handle the gun pressure so well and it literally fell apart). Fix? Super glue. You can still see the cracks but oh well, it gives it character!

Trim the ends and voila! You can hang it on a wall like I did, or just rest it against a wall.