Navy Stripes

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Sure I didn’t think I’d be using these pre-blogging photos anymore, but every time I open their folder I feel the obligation to. These were snapped in Jan, 2010. It’s crazy to think that if I’d started the blog then, when I had developed an idea of what I wanted to blog about and started producing photo shoots, the blog would be just a little over two years old now.  But I’m a firm believer things happen when they have to. And here I am now, in Chicago, showing you how ridiculously nice the Florida winter is, so much a long 3/4 sleeve by the lake will do.

Earring Solution

Yesterday I showed a best-of-all-times sunglass solution as seen in my new closet. Now to the earring solution tutorial. Here’s what you’ll need:

  •   a frame (mine is thrifted and painted)
  •   a screen material purchased at any home improvement store
  •   a staple gun

Place your frame against the screen and  cut the screen following the shape.

Staple the ends. I recommend a thicker, stronger frame than mine (it didn’t handle the gun pressure so well and it literally fell apart). Fix? Super glue. You can still see the cracks but oh well, it gives it character!

Trim the ends and voila! You can hang it on a wall like I did, or just rest it against a wall.

Storing Sunglasses

On one of my frequent visits to Cupcakes and Cashmere, I read this post with the greatest idea for hanging sunglasses. This is genius, and I can talk because if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a sun-glass addict and for that same reason, my not-so-shabby-but-still-modest collection gets lost around the house, in my bags, in a random drawer, on the dining-room table, behind the couch. You would find sunglasses hanging in any room I have access too, shower included.

Clearly, I stole the idea and will show you step-by-step how I made my own simpler version. Here’s what you’ll need to make something similar:

  • a 12 x 16 frame. Although not as fancy as Emily’s,  mine cost $2 at a thrift store.
  •   steel wire from an art supplies store.
  •   staple gun

It was black but became grey after a couple of  Martha Stewart Cumulus Cloud coats. If needed, you’re welcome to use a tape measure and pencil to mark were the wires should go, I didn’t use one and it looks pretty straight. Get ready to staple two pieces of wire across the frame and that’s where the shades will hang. Allow a little over and inch space between the frame and the top wire (otherwise it will look great but it won’t let you remove the shades easily).

Staple the wire a couple of times on one side of the frame. Then fold the left over wire…

and staple over it again to secure. Repeat the process on all four ends.

This is how your frame should look after you have both wires securely stapled, minus the messy painting job (my pre-school teacher  would be livid).

Now, the glasses. Pretty awesome, huh?


Bell Bottom

I’m wearing: urban outfitters sweater and clutch, j brand jeans, arezzo shoes, gap hat and gloves

Not very many years ago people would put a huge question mark on their foreheads when I’d bring up my J brand jeans. I was never sure if they didn’t understand my accent or if they didn’t know the brand at all. I’ve always loved their jeans. In love, can’t live without each other love. So much the first pair didn’t last me much more than two years. Not because I didn’t take well care of it, but that’s all I wore for two years. This one lucked out because bell bottoms weren’t as hot then as it’s now and let’s be real, if you’re not wearing hills or platforms, this is a tough one to pull of.


When I left home to stroll around Wicker Park, I didn’t expect to make any major discoveries. True, vintage shops, hippie bookstores, cozy restaurants all line Milwaukee Ave, but of all the places I’ve visited, Eskell was the most flirtatious.

I have no idea what the word Eskell means but wonder if it has anything to do with the hanging bicycle in the window display (and the reason why I walked in there at the first place). Very Alice in the rabbit hole, I know. But I’m glad I did. The second thing to catch my eye was the frame wall where various photos of bicycles and their owners hung. Super cool. The whole place has this whimsical feel and I could tell so much thought was put in every little decorative object.

The girls at the store were extremely nice and helpful. I mean, really nice. Ready to help if I had a question but also respectful to let me browse independently. It felt like the whole store was my giant dressing room.

Everything was put together and neatly organized. Yes, the candles smell even better than they look.

Look at the vintage sun-glasses collection, my favorite corner (shocker) and if I can remember right, they run under $20 a pair.

No questions I’m coming back sometime soon to snatch a couple of vintage belts and a few other things.

The verdict: This is a place I’d like to shop at again, especially if I was looking for something different.  Vintage sunglasses, belts, maybe a few clothing items (their own collection is actually very cute) and the best deal of all: a relaxed atmosphere paired with attentive customer service.

Where? 1509 N Millwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60622. In Wicker Park


Fashion Editor

I also write the fashion column of Brazilian magazine Vitrine Minas. Check out what I’ve been up to over there


I’m wearing: urban outfitters sweaters, zara skirt, topshop tights, steve madden shoes, chanel sunglasses

…in parts, this is the simplest, least accessory adorned outfit I’ve shown on the blog yet. As much as I’d fantasize my style would be perceived as Kate Moss inspired (stylistically, we clearly don’t share the same amount of melanin), I know I’m miles away from obtaining her lifelong eclectic taste for fashion, which includes many minimalistic takes. Lulu never seems to fully embrace minimal, and even when I try (today’s photos fitting example) I fail to incorporate color in a non-distracting, minimalist way. Harsh but true. This is my Brazilian way to wear minimal, though: minimal accessories, just a little splash of color and maximum confidence. What’s your way?