Wearing: zara top, h&m cardigan, belt and boots, j brand jeans, forever 21 hat, swatch watch, trevita bracelet

Watching other bloggers do their thing while posing for pics, I never thought it would be so hard to come up with thousands of  good poses myself. Turns out, posing for pictures this often (at least twice a week to be exact) wears you out and exhausts all magazine pose ideas possible. That being said, I apologize for my stiffness and puppy pity-ish face (which I’ve developed in front of the mirror over many years of practice to get what I wish, like a glass of cold water, a neck massage, a new pair of shoes or bag and so on) It works every time. But’s that’s not why I called this post “Toto”. Any guesses?

And on my new Five Days of Holly Jolly playlist today’s single: Justin Bieber under the “Mistletoe”

Store B Vintage

I’m not really sure when this vintage crave started within the Robinson household, but both me and my husband are hooked. By now we’ve done it it all: thrifting, garage sale, and some old fashion vintage boutique shopping.  My favorite of all? Garage sale (you can’t beat $2 for a Banana Republic belt) but it’s not often we can take the time to crash a garage sale. Next on the line comes vintage boutique-ing and Store B Vintage in Wicker Park has already entered my top 10 list (which right now is looking more like top 3, but give it time, I’ll get there)

I mean, how do you pick a best part between shopping for vintage houseware, hats, other accessories of all sorts, clothes, and all? You just don’t. I just don’t! The people running this boutique have a clinical eye, I’m telling you. You can find just about anything vintage you’ve been looking for but can’t find anywhere. And the prices aren’t so bad either. I left the store in possession of a pair of vintage earrings, heart shaped sunglasses, and guess who’s come to mama? Remember this little guy from the mad hatter post? It’s mine.

The verdict: If you’re looking for a vintage hat, for a really good price this is the place to be. Their house-ware section is also worth a look, as well as their vintage suits, scarfs and bags. By now, I’ve become a regular.

Where? 1472 N Milwaukee Ave(between Evergreen Ave & Honore St) Chicago, IL 60622


Ice Cold

I’m wearing: zara top, h&m sweater, the swanky abode scarf, seven for all mankind jeans, hunter boots, michael kors bag, ran ban sunglasses

You know when it’s a cold rainy day and you stay in to snuggle underneath the covers while watching the rain fall outside? Yeah… my day is not looking like this at all. All I can think of is how I have zero time until Christmas and all the things that must get accomplished before then. Starting with Christmas shopping, oh Christmas shopping! You know, I used to love you (it’s shopping, hello?), but this year I’m not feeling so friendly. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore getting cute things for those who put up with me all year but this year I simply don’t have the time to help out, Santa! It’s all right, though. I suspect I was put on the naughty list back in February when I forgot aunt Celcy’s birthday.

On a side note, who else is loving my braid, uhm? I’m loving my braid!

Christmas Wish

Of course my list doesn’t end here (no brainer), but arent’ these fabulous Tom Ford Nikita shades the I’ve surrounded to the cat-eye trend long ago when purchasing an Urban Outfitters version and now I’m so ready to commit. Sure, I’m well aware this is a passing trend but  you gotta understand: these are fierce. Besides not knowing whether to go “black” or “light havana” there’s no question this are on top of my Christmas needs this year. Hope I’ve been good enough.


Gold Triangles

“Here she goes again with her free-hand crazy artsy nails”. Sorry for my complete boredom, guys. How about I owe you all a video-tutorial of something else that doesn’t include nail polish or nail polish remover and we call it even? I’m not promising but next week, maybe? Stay tuned.

You’ll need:


  •   your sister-in-law’s “golden era” dior vernis polish
  •   your own “timeless gold” dior vernis polish
  •   artsy nail skinny brush (from another polish)

– First, “golden era” on it all (at least two coats). Let it dry

– Draw the outline of two triangles on each side of your nail with skinny brush and “timeless gold”

– Fill in the triangles

– Wait for it to dry off and if you don’t ruin it when you grab your bag or another lame excuse for being impatient,  you should be good to go

Now, is it just me or does this design elongate the nail?


Blue Velvet

I’m wearing: topshop hat, h&m sweater, zara jacket and tights, forever 21 skirt, bakers boots, trevita bracelets

As I write today’s post I have “Marry the Night” by Lady Gaga playing on in the background. What a great song and video (in my humble opinion, her best yet).  It instantly puts me in clubbing mode , something I haven’t experienced in quite a while. Yeah, pathetic I know. But let’s leave real life behind for a second and pretend this is my “Marry the Night” outfit. Do you think this is strong enough for a beautiful happy ending or did it fail to impress, resulting in an ugly fashion divorce? You may speak now or forever hold your peace.


Una Mae’s

Last week I took a whole afternoon to explore the shops at Wicker Park.  It’s one of those places where you always go to get something good to fill up your  stomach and by the time “shopping’ comes into discussion you’re too full to handle a bargain.

Una Mae’s wasn’t totally unfamiliar to my ears, however I had very little idea of what to expect. First came vintage home goods and scented candles.

Not sure what was going on in my little brain that day, but the guy’s section was just so attractive it took me a while to get the women’s  area. I especially liked a wallet that from what I can recall was very stylish and under 25 bucks.

Since this photo hinted “sale” at me, let’s talk cash. Prices are extremely reasonable at Una Mae’s, and that I didn’t expect. They sell the most charming vintage pocket-watch necklaces, and the owner (whom I can’t recall the name for the life of me) was extremely nice and helpful. We spent quite some time discussing heating solutions for her house  and so on.

The vintage loft, also small but very cozy. My fav part, for sure.

There are a few high pointerthat classify the Wicker Park boutique as a must-at-least-visit-soon spot on my list: inexpensive, eccentric, awesome jewelry, chic, old, new, a complete shopping experience. And I love that.

The verdict: If you have no idea what to get your boo for his birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day or Christmas, come to Una Mae’s and I’m sure you’ll spot something cool to give. For the girls, I’d say the jewelry and the vintage finds at the loft are the main reason to shop at Una Mae’s.

Where? 1528 N Milwaukee Ave (between Damen Ave and North Ave) Chicago, IL 60622