Una Mae’s

Last week I took a whole afternoon to explore the shops at Wicker Park.  It’s one of those places where you always go to get something good to fill up your  stomach and by the time “shopping’ comes into discussion you’re too full to handle a bargain.

Una Mae’s wasn’t totally unfamiliar to my ears, however I had very little idea of what to expect. First came vintage home goods and scented candles.

Not sure what was going on in my little brain that day, but the guy’s section was just so attractive it took me a while to get the women’s  area. I especially liked a wallet that from what I can recall was very stylish and under 25 bucks.

Since this photo hinted “sale” at me, let’s talk cash. Prices are extremely reasonable at Una Mae’s, and that I didn’t expect. They sell the most charming vintage pocket-watch necklaces, and the owner (whom I can’t recall the name for the life of me) was extremely nice and helpful. We spent quite some time discussing heating solutions for her house  and so on.

The vintage loft, also small but very cozy. My fav part, for sure.

There are a few high pointerthat classify the Wicker Park boutique as a must-at-least-visit-soon spot on my list: inexpensive, eccentric, awesome jewelry, chic, old, new, a complete shopping experience. And I love that.

The verdict: If you have no idea what to get your boo for his birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day or Christmas, come to Una Mae’s and I’m sure you’ll spot something cool to give. For the girls, I’d say the jewelry and the vintage finds at the loft are the main reason to shop at Una Mae’s.

Where? 1528 N Milwaukee Ave (between Damen Ave and North Ave) Chicago, IL 60622


70s Updated

I’m wearing: alameda vintage cardigan, topshop shirt, zara pants, forever 21 belt and tights, jeffrey campbell shoes, gucci sunglasses

When I put my hands on the last issue of Nylon all I could see was a great deal of color popping up throughout the spreads. It’s a no-brainer the usage of brights would have been the inspiration in putting together this outfit, and when I was done, I realized it all looked very 70′s (cardigan and middle-part staying alive). A little revelation: first time wearing tights and sandals together and I love it. It can be risky but what a great way to extend a summer shoe’s life. It’s  bummer I hadn’t given this a go yet.


So yeah… I painted my area rug. No, I didn’t use proper paint. Yes, it was very time-consuming. No, I was not in my right mind. Yes, it took way longer than anticipated. No, I wouldn’t do it again if you paid me (well, maybe!) and heck yeah, I love the result. Not because it’s any state of the art piece, but it looks close enough to something I’d spot at the store but with a lower price tag ($39.99 at ikea.) Like that?

I had everything else needed sitting around the house from earlier diy projects, from thin art brushes bought-for but never-used on our stenciled wall to cans of blue and black latex paint and cardboard. Latex paint wasn’t the best idea but I was way too lazy to run to the store and get fabric paint medium.

But just paint and brush wasn’t all I needed. I had to choose a pattern, which I found on Pinterest and looked like this:

that I later  printed and cut to look like this:

I  measured the rug  on both sides and began designing the pattern on the very center (or somewhere close enough).  Gotta work on my measuring skills.

And three hour later the design suddenly started gaining shape. Maybe not so sudden but you get the idea:

Things started getting a little chaotic but that’s how I roll

It took no less than a whole exhausting month to finish this “little project”. Of course I took I several-day breaks along the way, but still a much longer time allowance than budgeted. Here’s how the final piece is complimenting the room:

How to: Royal Sparkle

Last Thursday you saw how I faked a fur vest when matching a thin belt with a fur scarf, but did you look closely at my nail polish job? There was some spark going on and if you, like me love to shine, here’s the bit-by-bit:

oh! oh! Not so fast. First, here’s what you’ll need:

  •  Love & Beauty clear/silver (at Forever 21)
  •  Royal blue matte finish polish (I used lapis lazuli by Brazilian Risque, but this O.P.I matte finish is a great replacement)

Here’s how:

Step 1: royal blue all the way on all nails and wait for it to dry

Step 2:  apply a little “sparkle” on the very tip of the chosen sparkly nail

Step 3: continue on, applying more of the silver polish onto the rest of the nail. Make sure not to apply any near the cuticles. Don’t worry about uniformity: the less even, the better.

Step 4: after letting it sit for a few minutes, strike on another layer of silver polish (only to the nail tip), let it try off and you’re all set to shine!





Lady in Black

I’m wearing: zara dress and tights, topshop blouse, dkny coat, arezzo boots, vintage earrings, chanel sunglasses

There’s a lot more to Chicago living than putting up with deadly wind-sheer and that’s dressing up on regular afternoon without getting judging stares from others. I think most people who live here don’t realize how much freedom they have. There’s not a chance I could go anywhere in Orlando looking like this and not getting confused with the nearest attraction. That’s NOT one of the pluses of residing somewhere close to the sun, where wearing anything other than shorts and flip-flops is a huge fashion statement and people tour for a living. Believe it or not I’m on the edge of excitement while prepping for this winter (although already advised this is just the beginning) and figure: if it gives you an excuse to put more on, how bad can it really be, right? Right?

My Philosophy

During my time in Brazil last May I was introduced to My Philosophy, a very urban and relatively new Brazilian designer brand. Very nice to meet you, darling! Clothing makers are always very welcome in my life! The store is literally street fashion on steroids, hung-up on clothing racks. Not exactly Brazilian street fashion per se. It totally ditches the country’s traditional bohemian chic seen everywhere else for crazy prints and lots of lace, which are quite foreign at my native land in a way.

Most clothing pieces reminded me of the fashion you’ll stumble upon on the streets of London: bold, retro, and even a little punk (but again, I’ve never been to London, I’m talking based what I’ve seen from afar and on print). They’re definitely bringing new flavor to the insanely hot city of Rio, where floral and relaxed fitting stand as sure staples all year round

My garimpo, which translates to “my treasure hunt” is what they call a space dedicated to featuring vintage items from all over the world, collected by the owners over countless international trips . Diamond quality vintage pieces, all  in easy reach to lucky My Philosophy customers. If you plan on stopping by Rio sometime soon (cause you know, it’s just around the corner  globe) this store is a must-shop-there deal.

And if you think I left there empty-handed (don’t be silly!) you’re mistaken my friend. Accessories were such an easy target since I had to think ahead in fitting everything back in my suitcase before departure day. This earring, this belt  and this belt all came from a My Philosphy pile and now happily reside in “My Drawer.”


Vest Like

I’m wearing: urban outfitters sweater, h&m faux fur scarf and cluth, express belt, topshop skirt and tights, boutique 9 boots

In case I haven’t mentioned yet, I’m this close to loosing it because of a fur vest. All of the sudden, I’m seeing them everywhere but they always so damn expensive. My little pocket can only handle so much spending, even though my unfaithful eyes never agree. Temp solution? H&M makes these great faux fur scarfs that can be thrown over any jacket, sweater, dress for under $20 pesos. I threw it over a dark sweater, twisted both sides near my neck,  wrapped it with a belt and look! I’ve got myself faux vest.