Valentine’s Day

I’m going to steal an idea from my friend Samantha Balk from Rose Vintage and share five fun facts about my husband and I in honor of Valentine’s day! Here it goes:

Valentine's Day Flavia and Elliott

  1. We met at Disney World
  2. But we almost didn’t because neither of us wanted to be there. I was a tired tourist wanting to leave the parks and  he had a hang over and almost called in sick (he worked at the parks).
  3. Our first official date was at a McDonald’s. So posh!
  4. Les Miserables is our favorite movie of all time.
  5. We both learned to speak each other’s language (English and Portuguese), aaand the universal language of love. Aw!

Valentine's Day Flavia and Elliott

Happy Valentine’s day!

photos: liga photography

Le Petit Déjeuner

tonis patisserie 2

Sundays are usually very relaxing around here. This afternoon we hung at Toni Patisserie for a very late brunch.

tonis patisserie 14

tonis patisserie 13

tonis patisserie 10

oliver people’s frames, dethrose vintage blouse, forever 21 cardigan, mac lipstick so chaud

tonis patisserie 3

Everything was divine, as you’d expect from a French café. I had a delicious ham biscuit while husband opted for the pork shoulder/duck fat sandwich. For dessert we shared a lemon bar, napoleon and chocolate chip cookies.

tonis patisserie 9


When you have guests in town it’s easier to allow yourself to have a little treat with the excuse that you’re showing them around. godiva chocolate1

godiva chocolate4

That’s how I got away with a taste of some yummy chocolate at the Macy’s basement yesterday. And what a treat!

godiva chocolate3

Vintage Find

If you got out of bed in this Chicago snowy morning kind of not knowing what to make of your day (other than superbowl later this afternoon) you might wanna consider stopping by the Randolph Street Market. Husband and I headed there yesterday and I had a very successful day (and to be quite honest not enough time to see all the great vintage goodies).

dethrose vintage blouse1

This was one of my finds yesterday, at the Dethrose Vintage and Rose Vintage booth. Now, there’s a lot more to be seen at the market. I mean, a lot! It’s open from today from 10 am to 5 pm. If you can’t make it this time, don’t panic. There’s more next month! Little tip: onion and caprese empanadas from the Empanadus booth. Heaven on earth, I’m not kidding.


homemaker 1950s 3

Last year we decided for the first time we’d do Christmas cards. As you can see, we had fun shooting and yes, the pecan pie went straight into the bellies once the clicks were done. And since I had only shared a couple of shots from this 1950′s inspired shoot, I figured, why show more? It’s my favorite anyways!

 rose vintage dress / jessie steele cupcake apron / vintage earrings / handsome husband





There were so many beautiful images we captured and little space to share them, so I selected a few of my favorite for what will be the last from mexico. When people ask me how Mexico was I have to say it was nothing short of amazing. You can find so many great deals online these days it’s definitely worth considering. My best pointer? All inclusive is the way to go in Cancun.

xcaret17 xcaret16 xcaret15 xcaret18 xcaret19

City Snow

chicago snow1

chicago snow4

Right now, this is how Chicago looks like from my window. And so I  had to interrupt my vocal warm-up to capture a few images. As beautiful as it looks, I can’t stop wishing I didn’t have to brave this weather outside.

chicago snow2