Hi there! It’s been long enough. After doing a lot of thinking about the blog and the direction it had taken, I decided it was a good time to take a break. Taking the time to reflect on what was important to me, and the role the blog assumed in my life was extremely necessary and re-energizing. When I began putting things in perspective I also made a few discoveries about myself. They ranged from my writing style to how I felt about the way I self-portrayed here. And I came to the conclusion that certain things were falling out of place.

Lulu Abroad was born soon after I graduated from college. My husband and I had just moved to Chicago and although we were very excited I was also terrified with the possibility of not finding a job right away. A blog just made sense. It gave me something to do and served as a great creative outlet. And let’s be honest, that’s what everyone else was doing so I figured I should have one too. And although it was all for fun at the beginning, it slowly began taking over my life. I realized early on that the field was oversaturated and that there were a ton of girls doing exactly the same thing. My chances of standing out and succeeding in a crowd of a million were slim. But if I was doing it for the pleasure, why should it matter? Well, it did.

I quickly became sensitive to numbers. If people weren’t following me on Twitter and I didn’t attract x numbers of likes on Facebook, in my head it meant I was no good and all that time and effort put into creating good quality original content was for absolutely nothing. I recall standing next to a rightfully irritated Andy from Style Scrapbook in NYC complaining about outsiders using her 80 K likes-facebook fanpage (these days more like 181 K likes) to self promote and remember feeling completely humiliated by that statement. That day it hit me this was a popularity contest. It felt like high school all over again.

And there’s no one to blame but myself for feeling that way. It’s my own fault if I subject myself to this kind of pressure; after all I was the one setting these unrealistic goals. It got to a point where I was shopping for things not because I really wanted them but just so I could show them on the blog. The honest truth is I wasn’t being myself and the blog went from being something real fun to a real burden. I drove myself crazy every time I had to put together a new outfit. My poor husband deserves a Nobel Prize for sticking around over my “crazy blog lady” phase. I really felt a huge disconnect from what I wanted to write about and the content I was actually generating. It just didn’t feel right and a change had to me made. It coincided that I also needed a new website for my brand new acting career when I began working with Tom Wilz on rebranding project and the result is right in front of you.

I’m very excited for this new beginning but I made a promise to myself I’d not fall into the same trap again. No strict rules or crazy expectations. My goal is to have a space where I come to explore possibilities, create, vent and be free. I’ll be introducing themes in which the subject matter will differ greatly from the usual. But that’s OKAY. I don’t know where this will take me but I’m hoping for a fun ride and you’re invited to join me in this fresh new start.


  1. manu says:

    fico muito feliz com a sua volta! gosto Tanto do jeitinho que você esCreve, querida! é bem fácil a gente cair nessa paranóia dos blogs, e muito bom ler um relato lúcido e honesto como o seu. keep on blogging! 😀 bjs!

    • Flavia says:

      que bom, manu. o mais legal dessa experiencia toda é saber que tem gente que se identifica com a situação, e que eu nao to sozinha nessa. beijos e obrigada

  2. Carmen Henry says:

    I ABSOLUTELY love the new blog layout and I love the All of the new Material :)

  3. Bela Waeger says:

    Wow! surpresa boa vir aqui e achar esse blog com essa cara nova! ta no caminho certo eu acho, eu curti o texto, a perspectiva e o layout novo! :)

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