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Bobbi Brown


Last night Taylor (friend and blogger at The Wearist) and I stopped by Bobbi Brown on Michigan Avenue to preview the fall collection.


Welcomed by Rita (whom I adore and also beauty contributor at Chitown Fashionista) and Yanita, beauty and fashion blogger  at Manolos Manicures & This Mom we learned more than a few useful makeup tricks from these ladies, including eyeliner 101 (which I could use to improve the cat-eye, six ways how to video).


There are a lot more images on Lulu Abroad’s fan page if you wanna take an extra peek at what went on at the event and remember to follow on instagram (@luluabroad) for instant pics and updates


Makeup Latest

Every now and then someone will ask for a makeup tricks post. Here’s the problem: I am no makeup artist. Sure I’m no hairdresser either but that didn’t keep me from my how to Youtube channel. Explain? I have no shame when the subject is hair. Makeup though, far more intimidating. Instead, I’m sharing my lastest purchases from the beauty sector that I’m going absolutely cookoo for:

  •  Benefit Cha Cha Tint – On me it doesn’t stay on longer than lipgloss (as I’ve heard other people comment) but if you’re going for seemingly effortless rosy lips, this is key.


Flat Iron Waves

A lot of my friends tell me they couldn’t curl their hair with a flat-iron to save their lives. I totally understand and know where the problem lies: delusion (sorry to break it to you, but it takes longer than five minutes). When I first attempted this, I was able to finish the whole hair but also looked like I was trying out for “The Lion King” in the role of Mufasa. It took me at least three tries until my locks began taking spiral shape. The key to curling with a straightener is persistence, no other. Weeks worth of practice and the realization: what I was really using the straightener for was to create big and loose waves. Sure a 1 1/4″ “curly” fits the bill, but it doesn’t quite deliver the same messy, surfer feel. Not to mention creating waves versus curls is a faster/easier, drama free process. Plus, if you already own a straighty, why spend more bucks on a tool you potentially already have? But that’s my rationale. Watch and make your own conclusions.


Half Updo

After we shot the last outfit you saw here, I came upstairs and decided to film a quick how to video for the half updo. It’s the simplest hairdo ever, but just in case you were curious to see how I did it (or in case you’ve terribly missed my head-turn), here’s a step-by-step:


Mini Toiletries

A few months back I shared a few tricks for packing efficiently but  after a generous Christmas (a generous stocking one too) I felt the need to write “Strategic Packing Part II: Toiletries”. If both you and me share the same-sex (assuming you’re female) you know the crap I have to go through before leaving town. If it’s by car, the trunk can only fit so much, it’s by bus, who wants to lift heavy luggage, if it’s by plane, damn TSA throwing away all my this-actually-cost-money stuff, and if it’s by ship, I have no idea, my first cruise is long overdue.  I guess what I’m trying to say is: packing toiletries is undeniably difficult because you always need a lot but have little space. To minimize that problem, here are a few key items I hope will breeze you in (they definitely do the trick for me).

I can downgrade all I want on beauty supplies but if the blow dryer takes up as much space as my bazooka (just kidding I don’t usually travel with my bazooka), I’m not doing myself any favors. Solution? When I bought my Babyliss Pro flat-iron kit it came with a mini blow dryer and a mini flat-iron both the size of my hand (and I have tiny hands). All for just an additional 10 dollars at folica.com. Bingo!

Next, hair and skin. I encourage everyone to take as many hotel samples home with you as possible. Think about it, you already paid for these guys when the hotel bill hit your account and if you don’t care for the contents just refill with your favorite products. They make awesome travel containers for shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and so on.

Remember samples? Those you got with the beach tote after purchasing just about anything over $100 at Neiman Marcus? Or those your hair stylist stacks you up with after each visit? No? I’d ask for some next time. Hair spray, perfume, and facial care samples are all items that usually come is big containers but if you pack samples instead, you may be saving yourself of a meltdown after security mistakes your 10 oz hairspray can with an illicit substance.

I know I said perfume samples are great. And they are, just not as great as this atomizer from Sephora (top left). It comes with  a small funnel for pouring my favorite scent. I also got an itty bitty,  adorable Miss Dior but the top came off and poured perfume all over my zip lock bag. Safe to say Dior is staying home next time.

The make up part is tough. I’ve made a compromise:  I’ll have to survive with  this travel Mac duo-shadow set and report back. The reason why I love Sephora so much? They sell a mini brush set and mini Tweezerman (makes best tweezers ever) brow-set. And you’re thinking: say no more!

The no-nail-file-in-the-carry-on rule is lame and drives me insane but when I got this extremely small nail file matchbox, with multiple nail files I felt like screaming  (equivalent to doing jumping-jacks in Lulu reaction) and before I could open my mouth, several Nail Polish Remover pads came to my acknowledgement and I was speechless. One is just enough to remove polish from both hands.

Now I’ll get a little personal and show the little things I absolutely can’t live without when I travel but aren’t necessarily everyone’s priority. A small lint roller (duh), at least one moist cleaning cloth from Solstice (handy for cleaning sunglass shades and iPad screens), one Colgate mini-brush to freshen up on the go and lastly, a mini sucralose sweetener imported from Brazil. I like my drinks sweet and aspartame free wherever I go.


How to: Royal Sparkle

Last Thursday you saw how I faked a fur vest when matching a thin belt with a fur scarf, but did you look closely at my nail polish job? There was some spark going on and if you, like me love to shine, here’s the bit-by-bit:

oh! oh! Not so fast. First, here’s what you’ll need:

  •  Love & Beauty clear/silver (at Forever 21)
  •  Royal blue matte finish polish (I used lapis lazuli by Brazilian Risque, but this O.P.I matte finish is a great replacement)

Here’s how:

Step 1: royal blue all the way on all nails and wait for it to dry

Step 2:  apply a little “sparkle” on the very tip of the chosen sparkly nail

Step 3: continue on, applying more of the silver polish onto the rest of the nail. Make sure not to apply any near the cuticles. Don’t worry about uniformity: the less even, the better.

Step 4: after letting it sit for a few minutes, strike on another layer of silver polish (only to the nail tip), let it try off and you’re all set to shine!