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Since last year I started this very unexpected ( especially for me ) obsession with camping, being outdoors and close to nature. I guess that’s what four Chicago winters will do to a person. This trip was just a few weeks ago to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. We drove a little over one and a half hours from the city and just like that, no signs of civilization.

Just kidding. In fact, this was a Holiday weekend and somewhat busy. The original plan was to set camp at Starved Rock, but reservations were sold out, so we booked a nearby camp site ( all ahead of time ) and headed to Matthiessen State Park instead because I knew they had more waterfalls ( the ones you can swim in) and that’s kind of my thing. I grew up around those.

For food we packed empanadas to go and some other snacks in a backpack. After I took my first dip in the waterfall, we found a big rock where we spread our towels on to dry off and enjoyed a mid-hike snack. Before we knew it, the day was gone and we were exhausted from all the hiking.

For dinner, chicken pot pie from bang bang pie which I didn’t get a picture of because at that point I was more concerned with eating than documenting and also, by dinner time it was pretty dark. Robison snapchatted a photo of me blow drying my hair back at the camp site to all our friends, a scene neither of us will forget and that also is me in-a-nutshell.

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