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DIY Brush Holder


It’s been a few months  since the first diy brush holder post shown here. That’s why I’ve decided to repeat the dose and show again (this time in stop-motion) how to create a fabulous makeup brush solution that’s budget friendly. You can opt for something smaller or larger (always your call) depending on how intense your brush collection is. Mine is pretty average. Take a look!


DIY Silhouette

The reason why I love this diy silhouette so much is the level of customization involved. You can go countless directions, printing ready-to-go templates from the internet or creating your own with the help of Photoshop. Most of the ones I see are plain black and white but if you like to have a little more fun, wrapping paper or fabrics will give it that extra edge (my revamped closet gained personality when I added this to the wall).

You’ll need:

  •  wrapping paper or fabric of your choice
  •  cardboard (or anything cushy to protect your furniture from “oops, that’s a big scratch”)
  •  a silhouette print on regular paper (easier to cut when it’s thin)
  •  sewing scissors (great for turns and edges)
  •  box cutter
  •  picture frame (oval if you wish)

Begin a paper incision using the box cutter, outlining the silhouette. You could try the scissors but I failed by putting a big hole through the paper.

Once you have a half n’ inch cut, switch to small scissors.  Better if they come with a curved edge like mine. Don’t obsess. It’s okay if you’re left with a black edge from the printing job. Once you’re done cutting out your entire “person” , just turn the paper over (if you need to) and surprise!  Black edges gone. See?

Throw the black bust away (or keep it for another project, you know what to do). We’ll work with the left over. Time to cut both wrapping paper and silhouette  to fit your picture frame. Lay them out in this order: wrapping paper first, silhouette on top.

Close your picture frame and there you go!

Anyone know a different twist to this? Please share.


Easter Centerpiece

You all know how I like to decorate ahead of time, and although I will not go all out like I did for Halloween and  Christmas, Easter deserves a little attention too.  This centerpiece is ridiculously easy and very quick to make, however  the mushrooms won’t last over a day so you’ll either have to replace it or just make it when you’ll need it (Easter Sunday?) You’ll need:

  •  A vase (big, medium, small. It’s up to you)
  •   Styrofoam ( I used a sphere)
  •   Mushrooms (with stem)
  •   Toothpicks
  •   Paper (any kind that you can crumple)
  •   Preserved sheet moss (or real, you’re the boss)
  •   Optional: jelly belly eggs

Paper first

Foam second

Cover the top with the moss sheet.

Choose a good mushroom and stick the end with a toothpick

Stick the other point in the moss, through the foam underneath.

Now, you could be done! But if you wanna make your centerpiece scream Easter, you gotta take the prior step again, this time with jelly belly Easter eggs.

I think this took me five minutes from start to finish (not counting the last minute run to Walgreens to get jelly bellys).

Necklace Solution

This is the easiest way I found to hang all of my necklaces in an orderly manner. There’s absolutely nothing complicated about putting holes in a wall (I do it all the time when moving furniture around). If your necklace collection grows you can always add more hooks and frames (as long as you’ve got walls to work with). I was working with a very limited wall-space, since it was already inside my barely-walk-in closet. If I could pull it off, you can too. Or at least try.

You’ll need:

  •   hooks (#106 from Home Depot)
  •  frames (mine are thrifted and hand painted)
  •  electric drill

As you probably can tell by now, we don’t use rulers around here (very, very bad. Don’t follow). Use a level to make sure your frames will hang straight from the wall. Mark the place on the wall where you wanna place the hooks with a pencil.

Once you’re ready, drill the holes onto the walls and screw in the hooks

Place a frame over it, hang your necklaces, and done! Follow the links to create a sunglass and earring solution to accompany.

Now for a make-fun-of-Lulu little session. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture bellow?

Earring Solution

Yesterday I showed a best-of-all-times sunglass solution as seen in my new closet. Now to the earring solution tutorial. Here’s what you’ll need:

  •   a frame (mine is thrifted and painted)
  •   a screen material purchased at any home improvement store
  •   a staple gun

Place your frame against the screen and  cut the screen following the shape.

Staple the ends. I recommend a thicker, stronger frame than mine (it didn’t handle the gun pressure so well and it literally fell apart). Fix? Super glue. You can still see the cracks but oh well, it gives it character!

Trim the ends and voila! You can hang it on a wall like I did, or just rest it against a wall.

Accessories Closet

One of the things we looked for when apartment hunting in Chicago was plenty of storage space. I like to think I’m a sweetheart but when it comes to closet real estate I’m ruthless. This started when we first moved in together in Florida. I’d store all my stuff and Elliott would use whatever space was left. Sorry, I’m a girl and an only child on top of that. Clearly I didn’t learn squat about the gift of sharing.

Now things have changed. Elliott has his own closet space: in the guest room. I used to feel guilty but only before I realized my father-in-law uses the guest bathroom (Justin, if you’re reading this, it’s too late for them but save yourself!) FYI, Justin is the other married man in the family. That’s right I’ll use this as an excuse: I’m carrying on the Robinson tradition alive.

This leaves me with two small walk-ins, the smallest is what I named my accessories closet (see my other closet makeover here)  and as you can see, the space was being poorly used (not to mention I took shots before “walking” in there.) Boy, my judgment must have been impaired. So messy! I asked for a closet makeover for Christmas and that’s what I got. Ready to witness the process?

Shoes on the floor make me teary eyed. It’s so sad. To begin the revamp they had to be migrated into the living room in an orderly fashion.  First I measured the wall where we planned on installing shelves and aligned them in a way that gave me an idea of how many shelves we’d need. I’m such a brilliant mathematician we ended up with two extra shelves. Fine with me.

After  I’d decluttered the area, my handy man came down with strength to remove the pre-installed shelves. Because they were nailed in (not screwed) the walls,  big, ugly holes were left all over the walls. Spackel and a lot of sanding helped smooth out the surface. Three coats of semi-gloss Martha Stewart  Eggyolk paint later, the wall was ready to receive some wood shelves…

which I was painting in the other room. I probably shouldn’t have but skipped the primer. If it’s not absolutely necessary, who has patience to wait for that to dry off anyways! Three coats of latex semi-gloss white paint and two coats of polyurethane and bam! I had several white pieces of wood laying around in my living room.  I had to torture myself and wait until the next day to go on with the project.

This part gets a bit more complicated and I wouldn’t know how to explain well since I had absolutely nothing to do with this, but lucky for me the pictures are pretty self explanatory.

Shelves are great for shoes, but what about belts, necklaces, sunglasses and earrings? All it took were a few frames, grey paint , wall hooks and a screw driver to create a storage solution for the other accessories. Don’t worry, detailed tutorials will follow.

And now, for the grand reveal, without further ado: my new accessories closet!

Since I had some shelf space left, I figured why not through in some books? “That Extra Half An Inch” and  “I Love Your Style” among others. All fashion related, of course.

Brush Solution

I’ve been trying to find the perfect way to store my makeup for at least ten years now, no joke. The day has finally come when I don’t have to look through multiple powder dirty makeup bags to never find the right brush when I need it (a week later it’ll appear behind something somewhere in my bathroom), because some genius posted a picture of brushes buried in coffee beans on a website. I can’t remember the name for the life of me. Heart ya whoever you may be. 

This, my friends is the best brush holder ever invented, I promise! I’ve seen something similarly done at Sephora, but even so. First of all, it does the job of putting your artsy tools at easy reach like no other, it looks fabulous and smells amazing. All for $14 doletas total ($7 for two thrifted glass vases and another $7 for a coffee bean bag purchased at the grocery store. It’s a winner.

This was so easy to make I feel kind of silly laying out instructions, but for the sake of keeping it informational, here ya go:

  •   Pour coffee in its most solid form in one, two or how many you need glass vases. Make sure you leave half an inch or even more of glass uncovered on top so the coffee beans don’t overflow once add brushes to the equation. Mine is kinda a little too full because I don’t follow my own instructions.
  •   Start burying your brushes with the hair up one by one in your vase.

I made two vases. One for smaller brushes and another for the big guys. Do I have enough counter space in my bathroom? Of course not, but most likely I’ll either showcase them one at a time or just keep both in the cabinets. It’ll be a mystery where the freshly brewed coffee scent comes from.

  •   If you’d like to keep it neat, line your brushes up according to your preferences. I went with purpose (facial in one line, eye in another). For better visibility, stadium seating alignment will do the trick (higher in the back, lower in the front).

Because I also have the same problem finding my pencil-liners I figured, why not throw them in too? It’s so much easier spotting the right colors this way and perhaps, grabbing the right one for a change (the mental picture of me lining my lips with black eye-liner remains vivid in my memory). Just say it… another genius idea. Only this time I thought of it first. Finally!