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DIY Silhouette

The reason why I love this diy silhouette so much is the level of customization involved. You can go countless directions, printing ready-to-go templates from the internet or creating your own with the help of Photoshop. Most of the ones I see are plain black and white but if you like to have a little more fun, wrapping paper or fabrics will give it that extra edge (my revamped closet gained personality when I added this to the wall).

You’ll need:

  •  wrapping paper or fabric of your choice
  •  cardboard (or anything cushy to protect your furniture from “oops, that’s a big scratch”)
  •  a silhouette print on regular paper (easier to cut when it’s thin)
  •  sewing scissors (great for turns and edges)
  •  box cutter
  •  picture frame (oval if you wish)

Begin a paper incision using the box cutter, outlining the silhouette. You could try the scissors but I failed by putting a big hole through the paper.

Once you have a half n’ inch cut, switch to small scissors.  Better if they come with a curved edge like mine. Don’t obsess. It’s okay if you’re left with a black edge from the printing job. Once you’re done cutting out your entire “person” , just turn the paper over (if you need to) and surprise!  Black edges gone. See?

Throw the black bust away (or keep it for another project, you know what to do). We’ll work with the left over. Time to cut both wrapping paper and silhouette  to fit your picture frame. Lay them out in this order: wrapping paper first, silhouette on top.

Close your picture frame and there you go!

Anyone know a different twist to this? Please share.