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Two Scarves

I’m wearing: h&m jacket, j.crew tee, trevita skull scarf, asos ivory scarf, j brand jeans, arezzo boots, chanel sunglasses, michael kors bag. 

The most enjoyable thing about being in Chicago now is making use of the versatility this nearly perfect, although a little wet weather gives you. If the rain would just give it a rest. One more day looking like Tina Turner’s wig landed on my head and I’ll lose it. To what’s important, notice something clever in the picture? You’re not having double vision (or you may be, depending on the amount of adult beverage you consumed before reading this post). A playful mood spit me up out of my closet wearing a lot of guts and two scarves. Hesitation almost prevented me from getting out of the bedroom looking like a coat rack (I had a jacket, umbrella, bag, and TWO scarfs hanging on me). Mirrors are never trustworthy, so I asked the quality control department, aka hubby. Quality control is very conservative around here. Never in a million years would I have thought the answer would include approval stamp for two scarfs at once.  I think this was totally worth the playfulness. Seriously, though I really wore two scarves.

Wedding Attire

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I’m wearing: zara dress, forever 21 necklace, ring and bracelet, urban outfitters cluth and cat eye sunglasses, jeffrey campbell heels

Composing an ensemble for any American wedding is not one of the toughest challenges, I gotta say. Back when I used to live in Brazil, I remember having nightmares about what floor length gown would be most red carpet appropriate (As if Hollywood was right around the corner. But we did seem to believe so). The female competition for who would look more Angelina Jolie was fierce. Very, very rarely did I hear the phrase “you don’t want to outdo the bride.” I guess in Latin American standards marrying the man of your dreams and being the most beautiful girl in the room all in one night is too Cinderella to be, well…Latin America. The real holy grail rule is: never, EVER wear white to a wedding. A rule that many Americans seem to often ignore, I may add. Yes, I speak from personal experience. Part of me wishes wedding attire in the US got a little upgrade. The other part (the monetary one) is thankful for not feeling forced to drop over $200 on a single outfit every time someone decides to tie the knot. Back to the red carpet, two celebrities inspired me in creating this very short simple but yet elegant (in my humble opinion) look. My attempt was to combine both Drew Barrymore’s classic 60s makeup and Adele’s voluminous hair and eyelashes. You tell me how I did.

Rain Boots

I’m wearing: zara striped top, forever 21 jacket, aqua pleaded skirt, urban outfitters belt, zara tights, tory burch rain boots, walgreens umbrella, michael kors watch, trevita bracelets

Everyone knows in Orlando rain isn’t so much of a hot commodity, especially in the summertime. That’s because we get got (past tense since I no longer live there) rain daily during the summer time and too much of it during the rest of the year. How I managed to never leave home with an umbrella I’ll never know. But when I did, I made sure to never bring it back home. That’s why expensive umbrellas don’t work for a total spaz like me. I also specialize in losing sunglasses (mainly designer ones) and iphones (because from time to time having heart palpitations when realizing the $400 dollar device is nowhere to be found must be healthy, huh?). Since investing in umbrellas is a no no for me I had to resort to looking adorable on nasty wet days (Geez, I’m so humble). And those I’ll definitely not lose or I think I’d notice.

Vintage Bazaar

Rainy days are usually very, very lazy days for me. It has something to do with the smell, the foggy view of downtown skyscrapers, combined with the uncontrollable desire to lay under the covers armed with no less than half-a-dozen double-milk Lindt chocolate bars and a bucket of freshly popped popcorn. To complete my vision, Sex and the City or E! playing on my TV. Fortunately for my ever growing medium sized belly, my day was a lot leaner. Got up relatively early for a Sunday and headed over to Vintage Bazaar at Logan Square. From what I understood, this is a bi-annual (maybe tri-annual?) flea market where all things vintage come together in a single place. This time (or everytime, I don’t know) it took place at Congress Theater. The first cool thing to steal my attention was this orange vintage phone. 

Ever since we decided what to do with the entryway (you can see it
) I had this idea of getting a mid-century phone to sit on our green cabinet. This one would have been perfect, but it was orange. Attractive, but orange. I need black. Thing is, I was there on a mission to find a vintage bib necklace/choker to pair up with a little black dress I got last year. Only a few minutes past the door, there it was! The first necklace I saw and the last I wanted to see. It was blue, chunky, just the way I had imagined it would be minus the $65 price tag. The longer I thought about it the less I wanted it. Turns our later I realized it’d have been kind of a bargain. Oh well, not worth crying over spilled milk. I left and although filled with many cute vintage skirts, cute furniture, good DJ music and lots of interesting people the bazaar saw none of my doletas (Portuguese slang for dollars.) The search for my necklace is still on, and yeah I did spend a few bucks at KFC afterward! I guess Sunday wasn’t so lean after-all.

Black Leggings

Black Sweater

I’m wearing: h&m sweater, vintage dress, zara leggings, arezzo shoes, bcbg belt, michael kors handbag and watch, hellen lima bracelet

Just when I thought we would have a little more sunny weather to lay under, fall is here. Officially here. I can’t say I’m not excited to experience what’ll be the second real fall of my entire life. My first one starting in September 07, when I briefly shared an Indiana roof with my then boyfriend, now husband. At the time I owned a Lacoste bright green, almost fluorescent jacket  (which I still own to this day) and had purchased only a few days before catching my flight from Rio, Brazil (hence Brazil year-round weather = summer)  to the US. Bright green (let’s not forget, almost fluorescent): that’s the color you want your only somewhat warm piece of clothing to be around this time of the year! Oh, and I had a choice. Lacoste wisely made the same exact jacket in a light, quiet, chic shade of the most basic beige. I tried both on, didn’t use my head of course, instead fell for my addicted-for-abbrasive-colors, deceiving eyes. Predictably, the bright green, almost fluorescent jacket never got much use. Perhaps that can explain the reason why every single time I try being minimalistic, simple, classy, something tacky inside me wants to come out so bad. Not that it’d have looked tacky (fine, it totally would) but I’m glad I threw those bright, almost fluorescent purple leggings I once owned away. Thank God for black leggings!

black leggings
Thank God for black leggings!

Mustard Stripes


I’m wearing: h&m hat, urban outfitters, stripped shirt, urban outfitters jeans, kenneth cole gold tennis shoes, michael kors watch, hellen lima and trevita bracelets.

Ever since I landed in the city of Chicago I’ve been constantly reminded the winter will be unbearable. Recommendations for what coats to buy or what boots will keep my toes from freezing are popping up everywhere. So my friend Jessica from Jess in the City, who also just moved from hot sunny Florida and I took a few minutes at Michigan Ave for the purpose of winter shopping research. The result? Well, I feel misled and cheated for all these years being told cold weather is synonymous for dressing cute. If being all bundled up by a very thick, 600 down insulation, heavy, so inflated I-think-I-can-float parka is dressing cute, shoot me now. Thankfully that kind of weather is not even here yet, my orange lipstick just made its debut in the fall, and as you can see I’m still coatless.


Topshop Chicago

TopshopYesterday’s opening of Chicago’s most recent acquisition was a pleasant breath of fresh air, in this case British breeze. I first heard of the UK big retailer about three years ago while reading Victoria Beckham’s multiple references to the store in her best seller “That Extra Half an Inch.” It was all a bit irritating knowing the nearest store was no less than an eight-hour flight away. I can’t even describe how cool it feels knowing this now conveniently changed to a short twenty-five minute walk. The new Topshop is located at 850 North Michigan, beautiful and big. As I took my first step into the shop I was  nicely greeted by store associates and overwhelmed by a sight of heaven. Racks and more racks of fall fashion items to die for. Prices? Let’s just say If you like me are used to shopping at Forever 21 and H&M, you won’t be impressed.


TopshopTopshop Chicago
Topshop ChicagoTopshop Chicago

Wandering through the first floor, signs for booking a personal styling appointment came to my attention. Of course, being the suspicious girl that I am, I was sure this wouldn’t be free of charge. Wrong. The service is totally free and as you can see, it includes styling advice, water and cupcakes. Sign me up!

Topshop Chicago