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Brush Solution

I’ve been trying to find the perfect way to store my makeup for at least ten years now, no joke. The day has finally come when I don’t have to look through multiple powder dirty makeup bags to never find the right brush when I need it (a week later it’ll appear behind something somewhere in my bathroom), because some genius posted a picture of brushes buried in coffee beans on a website. I can’t remember the name for the life of me. Heart ya whoever you may be. 

This, my friends is the best brush holder ever invented, I promise! I’ve seen something similarly done at Sephora, but even so. First of all, it does the job of putting your artsy tools at easy reach like no other, it looks fabulous and smells amazing. All for $14 doletas total ($7 for two thrifted glass vases and another $7 for a coffee bean bag purchased at the grocery store. It’s a winner.

This was so easy to make I feel kind of silly laying out instructions, but for the sake of keeping it informational, here ya go:

  •   Pour coffee in its most solid form in one, two or how many you need glass vases. Make sure you leave half an inch or even more of glass uncovered on top so the coffee beans don’t overflow once add brushes to the equation. Mine is kinda a little too full because I don’t follow my own instructions.
  •   Start burying your brushes with the hair up one by one in your vase.

I made two vases. One for smaller brushes and another for the big guys. Do I have enough counter space in my bathroom? Of course not, but most likely I’ll either showcase them one at a time or just keep both in the cabinets. It’ll be a mystery where the freshly brewed coffee scent comes from.

  •   If you’d like to keep it neat, line your brushes up according to your preferences. I went with purpose (facial in one line, eye in another). For better visibility, stadium seating alignment will do the trick (higher in the back, lower in the front).

Because I also have the same problem finding my pencil-liners I figured, why not throw them in too? It’s so much easier spotting the right colors this way and perhaps, grabbing the right one for a change (the mental picture of me lining my lips with black eye-liner remains vivid in my memory). Just say it… another genius idea. Only this time I thought of it first. Finally!