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instagramDEVELOPING a new relationship with food and  learning the true value of maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. In the last few months Elliott and I have been committed to trying new recipes and ingredients. It’s a huge learning curve but we’re definitely seeing results and feeling good about it.

LOVING the freshness that our newly purchased plants add to the environment. Just gotta remember to water them every other day.

ENJOYING the last breath of winter, but only if it snows. Just like it did last week in Chicago.

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Color Blocking

I’m wearing: topshop top, zara sweater and jeans, azezzo moccasins, urban outfitters bag, ray ban sunglasses, swatch watch, trevita and ellen lima bracelets

It’s definitely a delight surprise color blocking prevailed through fall. I slightly remember seeing colors pop at Fashion Week Fall 2011 while performing trend research for the magazine I wrote for. For several reasons, including my other writing assignments and tight deadlines, memory definitely didn’t stick. Cast the first stone but I’ve never been one of those who took time aside from my insanely busy college life to watch designers creations from a far distance (my laptop to be exact) when in six months everything that stuck would come to me live and most importantly, wearable at the nearest store (or to my door if I order online). Now that I no longer study for a living I still don’t watch it! Well, six months is still time and my memory has never been that good anyways. Why else would I sacrifice part of my hard deserved Christmas money to pay for four fashion magazine subscriptions? Anna Wintour gets paid (a lot) to do this (front row, baby). Not that I would ever refuse an invitation to attend it in person (In case Annie ever stumbles upon my words. Ah! Dream on, Lulu.) Oh, that’s a whole different trend thing.

Two Scarves

I’m wearing: h&m jacket, j.crew tee, trevita skull scarf, asos ivory scarf, j brand jeans, arezzo boots, chanel sunglasses, michael kors bag. 

The most enjoyable thing about being in Chicago now is making use of the versatility this nearly perfect, although a little wet weather gives you. If the rain would just give it a rest. One more day looking like Tina Turner’s wig landed on my head and I’ll lose it. To what’s important, notice something clever in the picture? You’re not having double vision (or you may be, depending on the amount of adult beverage you consumed before reading this post). A playful mood spit me up out of my closet wearing a lot of guts and two scarves. Hesitation almost prevented me from getting out of the bedroom looking like a coat rack (I had a jacket, umbrella, bag, and TWO scarfs hanging on me). Mirrors are never trustworthy, so I asked the quality control department, aka hubby. Quality control is very conservative around here. Never in a million years would I have thought the answer would include approval stamp for two scarfs at once.  I think this was totally worth the playfulness. Seriously, though I really wore two scarves.