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Baby Shower

This past weekend I got busy putting together a baby shower for my sister-in-law. She’s always been crazy about elephants, so that and the French venue ( Le Petit Chou in Indianapolis) helped to shape up a theme: Babar, The Elephant.

babar baby shower 1

She’s expecting a baby boy but wanted to make sure the shower also reflected her personality, picking yellow and grey as the color scheme, which I love.

babar baby shower 3

babar baby shower 2

One of my favorite moments, the baby photo guessing game. Guests were asked for their baby pictures ahead of time and invited to match the baby photo with the other guests at the party.

babar baby shower 4

babar baby shower 5

The mom-to-be is not a fan of traditional baby shower games (no chocolate pooped diapers) so we opted instead for a celebrity baby name match-up game and the screening of a silent film (that I’ll be showing here fairly soon) personally edited by me for her and the dad.

babar baby shower8

And since photo booths are in, we couldn’t avoid but to play Babar, The king!

babar baby shower 6

babar baby shower7

babar baby shower9

The elephant cookie favors were just as tasty as they look and the invitations set the tone for the shower decor.


Yellow Makeover

After almost three full months residing in our little piece of Chicago heaven, the master bedroom can finally be checked off the list. Well, for now anyways.  Several corners remain in desperate need for  a little love. Like the mini hallway with its sad average looking mirror (although sad, it has served us very well), the five wall mirrors plus clock, and the wall above our headboard. Nothing necessarily wrong with our wedding frames but it’s very narcissistic and a little tiring. Until I find a good replacement for static Mr. and Mrs Robinson, they’ll remain the center of attention in dream land. The biggest challenge I had with this room was cheering it up. White walls scream mental health institution and were driving me positively mad. Before it all got serious enough for an unflattering straight jacket some things had to be changed. Painting would be an easy way out. I could but didn’t want to paint the walls. So I’d have to paint the stuff. What’s the opposite of white? Yellow. Not really but black wouldn’t have worked here . Yellow is happy and compliments my grey pillows and throw like no other. Yellow it was. Who’d be the victims? Lamp bases one and two and desk chair. Here’s the before, the progress and the details:

Before we’d put much thought into it, things were grey…very grey
I love you, yellow paint.
Now side by side

A brand new view of my brand new nest

Look at the mirror reflection of my needle felted love birds. So fetch!

Fun Socks

I’m wearing: forever 21 dress, topshop skirt, urban outfitters vest, express leopard belt, urban outfitters men’s stripped socks, boutique 9 hiker boots,  chanel sunglasses, hellen lima bracelet, michael kors watch

Once again husband’s wardrobe saves the outfit. There’s actually a whole story behind the “I wear my husband’s socks and think I’m cool” thing. Two years ago when I was an engaged lady (soon to become bridezilla) the coolest wedding photographs where groom and groomsmen wore fun matching socks crossed my year-long path down the aisle. Next thing I know I was out like a mad person determined to find multiple fun, classy men’s socks. Basically the crazy sock lady. After our wedding, my husband gave into my exhaustive power, (aka verbal manipulation) wearing them once again to another wedding. That was all the use he got out of them . Such a waste! That was until Lulu took matters into her own hands feet. I’m her, if you didn’t get that part.

Curious fact: Noticed a couple of white spots on my right leg just above the knee? Damn spray paint if’ you’d only stick to the assigned furniture.


I’m wearing: zara zacket, h&m sweater, forever 21 neckalce,  seven for all mankind jeans, calvin klein belt, arezzo shoes, husband kenneth cole leather-band watch, hellen lima bracelet

Okay, so now we’re talking low temperatures, hence the jacket. It really wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the damn wind. After I got this photo session over with last week I even took a flu shot! Wait, did I just make taking a shot sound exciting? Weird. Maybe I’m letting my native culture get to me. As the famous Brazilian quote states:”If it’s free, even a shot on the forehead goes.” (“De graça até injeção na testa” in case you are not brazilian but are curious to know what the real quote looks like). Except this time it wasn’t free and thankfully not on my forehead. I’d just rather pay the extra money. Something I took very much to heart when going shopping for the right pair of jeans. Sure jeans are sold in every corner at every price but it’s one of those pieces in my closet I’ll wear countless times, over and over, and once again (For example, you’ve seen this one pair here less than a week ago.) I did myself a favor and took two sevens home (blue and black wash). Although a little pricey, they fit like a glove and will last me longer than I’ll need them to (shooting here for an optimistic SEVEN year survival).

Rain Boots

I’m wearing: zara striped top, forever 21 jacket, aqua pleaded skirt, urban outfitters belt, zara tights, tory burch rain boots, walgreens umbrella, michael kors watch, trevita bracelets

Everyone knows in Orlando rain isn’t so much of a hot commodity, especially in the summertime. That’s because we get got (past tense since I no longer live there) rain daily during the summer time and too much of it during the rest of the year. How I managed to never leave home with an umbrella I’ll never know. But when I did, I made sure to never bring it back home. That’s why expensive umbrellas don’t work for a total spaz like me. I also specialize in losing sunglasses (mainly designer ones) and iphones (because from time to time having heart palpitations when realizing the $400 dollar device is nowhere to be found must be healthy, huh?). Since investing in umbrellas is a no no for me I had to resort to looking adorable on nasty wet days (Geez, I’m so humble). And those I’ll definitely not lose or I think I’d notice.