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Living Area + Desk

There’s been a few minor changes to our living area and desk. Remember the diy rug took that took me over a month worth of hand painting work to complete?

I got tired of it. Why? The pattern looks awfully similar to the pattern on out entryway wall. I have no one else to blame but myself for not realizing this before committing. It just so happened that as I got tired, Joss & Main offered a sweet deal on this area rug for only $90. Ah huh!

A much more interesting pattern that doesn’t resemble anything we have around the apartment, and I like it.

We also did some swapping around with the objects as you can tell. The vintage globe now sits on the wood stump

To make space for what should be sitting on a desk: books and cute owl bookends

And we finally got rid of the old black chair that by no means looked decent near the desk. Also, from Joss & Man.

I feel better now.

Belt Solution

To conclude to closet renovation DIYs, here’s the belt organization system I came up with. Really, it’s nothing. Just a row of hooks screwed to the wall.

You’ll need:

  •   electric drill
  •   metal hooks (mine are #106 from home depot)

The picture below is from the necklace solution post, but since it’s essentially the same process for the belt solution, I’m using it for your reference.  Place a level against the wall to make sure your line is straight. Mark the wall with a pencil where you want the hooks to go. Drill the holes on the marks. The size of your wall and quantity of belts you’ll be hanging will dictate how many holes and hooks you’ll need.

Now you should be good to hang as many belts as you wish.


So yeah… I painted my area rug. No, I didn’t use proper paint. Yes, it was very time-consuming. No, I was not in my right mind. Yes, it took way longer than anticipated. No, I wouldn’t do it again if you paid me (well, maybe!) and heck yeah, I love the result. Not because it’s any state of the art piece, but it looks close enough to something I’d spot at the store but with a lower price tag ($39.99 at ikea.) Like that?

I had everything else needed sitting around the house from earlier diy projects, from thin art brushes bought-for but never-used on our stenciled wall to cans of blue and black latex paint and cardboard. Latex paint wasn’t the best idea but I was way too lazy to run to the store and get fabric paint medium.

But just paint and brush wasn’t all I needed. I had to choose a pattern, which I found on Pinterest and looked like this:

that I later  printed and cut to look like this:

I  measured the rug  on both sides and began designing the pattern on the very center (or somewhere close enough).  Gotta work on my measuring skills.

And three hour later the design suddenly started gaining shape. Maybe not so sudden but you get the idea:

Things started getting a little chaotic but that’s how I roll

It took no less than a whole exhausting month to finish this “little project”. Of course I took I several-day breaks along the way, but still a much longer time allowance than budgeted. Here’s how the final piece is complimenting the room:

Thanksgiving Inspired

It was the beginning of September when Santa Claus threw up all over Costco. I for one was ecstatic to see Christmas trees light up four full months in advance. It’s okay to start the Holiday cheers a bit early, but September? C’mon! Sadly, Halloween and Thanksgiving just don’t get enough attention these days. Solution? I’ve got nothing. Well, I do. For me, but it may work for you. Before Christmas takeover at the Robinson household, I gathered a few things we already had bought for Halloween and improvised.

Cake stand, out. Glass vases, in. Thanksgiving inspired center piece

A new featured photo: our “Breakfast” wedding table number. Perhaps this will inspire some holiday cooking and baking around here?