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This past February I spent a little over two weeks in the most wonderful city in the world, Rio de Janeiro. People often ask me if I miss Brazil and if ever think of going back. The answer is primarily, no. I miss it but not to the point of waiting to make a life for myself there again. With the exception of this place. How could I not? The short two-year period when I harbored a home in Rio were long enough to make me fall in love for life. Over and over again.


One of the infinite reasons why I love this place so much is the local’s dedication to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and their tireless passion for the place they inhabit. My days would start bright and early with a 7AM work out at the beach, surrounded by the most beautiful landscape you will ever see. There were countless options for healthy, fresh food restaurants to enjoy and even get delivered at your door.

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As we anxiously wait for the arrival of my  first nephew, husband and I paid a visit to my sister-in-law in Indianapolis and guess what? Pictures! She looks so radiant I couldn’t resist but share some of my favorite shots here.


Pearls & Black

See, I told you it wouldn’t be long until the next update and look at that! Here I am. Husband and I are currently working on a new video, and this time  it’s for Halloween! Last year I went quite crazy with nine different homemade halloween costumes (from Lady gaga to Duchess of Cambridge. Fun times!)


So this year I’m landing on one single theme to show you all! I did most of the shopping online through Etsy and Party City’s website, combining new with old items I already owned.


It’s the the third year in a row I try to think outside the box and re-create my halloween costume before surrendering to pre-packaged options. It’s more fun this way!  Judging from the photos above, can anybody guess what I’ll be for Halloween?