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Sam’s Little Place

Remember when I said Samantha Balk lived in the cutest (and coziest) apartment ever known to anyone? Now you don’t have to take my word for it.

samantha bank32

If you follow her on instagram (and if you don’t, you really should) you’re probably very familiar with these beautiful frames accenting her dining space.

samantha balk 26

Sam operates her business from home, making it very understandable why she would wanna keep everything very neat and organized. Not to mention the attention to detail.

samantha bank31

And I’m not the only one who agrees she has a knack for interior decorating. The girls at Refinery29 were quite impressed themselves.

samantha bank30

Anyone out there inspired? I’m ready to rearrange some furniture! This brings us to the end of our “date with Sam” session. Hope you enjoyed getting to know this amazing girl, her dog Otis and her sweet little place!

Polka Dot

I’m wearing: vintage polka-dotted blouse, urban outfitters dress, gap flats, forever 21 bracelets

Inspired by the minute window of high temperatures that visited last week I went romantic with an A line dress and the most romantic looking hair braid inspiration I could find (Pinterest comes in handy in times like this). Can’t honestly say doing hair is my strong ability (I know I can sit on a chair and have my hair done like a pro) or it wouldn’t look like such a messy job. It was good enough for a short stroll around downtown, though. I spotted this polka-dotted shirt on a first visit to a vintage boutique in Orlando, Fla. Carried away by the low prices and old flair awesomeness  I left with two blouses  (one of which is this polka-dotted one that fits me extremely loose). What? Since when is wrong sizing a reason to not take something cute home? There’s really nothing a rolled-up sleeve can’t do.