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Battle Of The Closets

You’ve seen the transformation both my regular closet and  accessories closet went through. Now I wanna know from you what I can’t seem to decide for myself. Who wins?

But first, for some insight. I bet you’re wondering if everything stays neatly organized like that on any given day and the answer is a straight “no.” Like a normal 25 year old who often doesn’t have time for lunch, I also don’t have time to color coordinate my shoes in a perfect line. That being said, I did my share of the work by picking individual favorites (cause you deserve a break). But you pick the final winner. Deal?

  •  Best Space Savor :: Shoe shelves. No brainner, shoes take and make the most room. (accessories closet)

  •  Best Make It Pretty, Useful  :: Round box set. It’s adorable but also hides so much junk for me. (regulat closet)

  •  Best Bang For Your Buck :: Yellow walls. Never underestimate what two coats of paint can do to a boring room. (accessories closet)

  •  Most Clever  :: Bracelet solution. A candle holder holds watches for a living.  True story. (regular closet)

  •  Most Functional :: Ring solution. Getting rid of my rings as fast as I can and finding it later just as quickly is real a blessing. (regulat closet)

 So, who takes the Best Closet Overall award?


Chair Makeover

The best thing about reading other blogs (for me anyway) is the encouragement I get to do things I never thought I could pull off. Like these vintage chairs (here you see one of them) I refurbished after reading here a very well illustrated how to narrated by Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere. Not once a DIY project has come to me as easy as it seems on Martha Stewart but at least the results of actually getting my butt up, onto the chair has proven doing it myself is not that hard bad. Now, if you like what you see and decide giving this a shot I advise you: be patient! Most likely this will require several trips to different stores, more than a few days and it’ll cost ya. Still, less than getting one of these at the store would. But if you are a vintage freak like me with plenty of time to spare and no self-control (I spend more money I should be allowed to. That’s just what I do) join me!

You’ll need:

  • Spray Paint
  • Fabric (to your liking. I recommend durable cotton)
  • Foam
  • Batting 
  • Staple gun
  • Damp cloth
  • Chair

Step 1: Let’s just say Brown Elephant is not the best place to be at if you need clean furniture. But for $13 a pop it was worth getting a white damp cloth dirty…very dirty. Notice how black the chair creases are. That’s how my cloth looked like once the chair was clean: black. Yuk!

Step 2: Once everything is neat and clean, it’s time to spray the heck out of it! Uh! I love spray painting when paint doesn’t get everywhere (which is never but I still love it). Let it sit and dry. Overnight is better if you have experience ruining a painting job by being delusional and picking at it while it still fresh. Well I have!

Step 3: The paint will take a while to dry. A while, not 15 minutes. To shorten your anxiety run to your nearest foam supplier (If you are in Chicago, you can run to Adams Foam) and have them custom cut foam to fit your chair seat. Remember to take the seat with you (I mean the original wood part of the chair you sit on) so they can cut it to measure (foam 1/4″ larger than the wood to be precise ). If you don’t have the original seat, Home Depot custom cuts the wood you buy on site to fit the chair. Just bring your chair!

Step 4: With the foam in hand (it took me three business days to get it back) don’t give up! Cut your fabric making sure you leave a 4″ border. Place it on a firm surface (floor works great) right-side-down, followed by batting (which you have already cut 2″  larger than foam on all sides), foam and lastly wood. You should have enough fabric left on the sides to gather around the wood and staple. Before doing so, make sure the fabric facing the floor is not wrinkled.

Step 5: Now that you have stapled the fabric simply cut the excess off.

Step 6: After you’re done stapling, secure the now cushioned seat on the chair frame and voilà! You’ve got yourself a brand new/old chair that’s now not only one of a kind but that you can brag about forever and ever: you made it! 

Entryway: Completed

Since settled in our new Chicago pad I’ve been documenting a lot of the decorating and DIY projects  going on around us. And man, there’s been some major changes made around here since we stepped into this modest but privileged-with-a-breathtakin- view little place. I figured if I I’m going to show you my apartment as it progresses into a home that makes us smile I should start through the front door. And that’s exactly what you’ll see as you walk-in, the entryway. 

In this room: ikea mirror and table lamps, gifted vintage phone,  craigslist vintage cabinet

The story of how this room (or corner, I tend to exaggerate when it comes to describing space) came together begins here, at Young House Love. I’ve been stalking this couple for years now as they buy, upgrade, sell, buy, upgrade once again and write about their sweet home. During one of my weekly visits to their blog, I stumbled upon this photo of the most gorgeous entryway I’ve seen in all my existence (well maybe not the most gorgeous but definitely would make the  top five)

Upon seeing this, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my entryway: the exact same (I’m creative like that). Unfortunately the owner of this beautiful home juices’ were flowing faster than mine and she uniquely purchased pretty much all you see at an antique store. All one of a kind, old, hard to get vintage stuff (lovely, huh)? making my copycat version nearly impossible to recreate.  However, ahahhh! The mirror was from Pier 1. Of course hers was no longer available for sale but because I was determined to have the other twin room in my apartment, I knew the closest thing (also purchased at Pier 1) would have to do. And it did. We took the gold mirror home right after getting a not-so-alike-this cabinet given sold to us for $20 on Craigslist. Score!

This is when things took a different turn. First off, the mirror just didn’t work in the space. Once hanged my husband immediately protested, but so he does with everything else I bring in the house, and later realizes I was right, he was wrong and he loves it (or he just pretends to which is fine with me). But this time, he was right. We had big plans for the cabinet, but the mirror had to go. Now with no gold mirror and an old cabinet, things were looking worse than they did when the entryway was just pure white walls. Up in the middle of the night, I decided to design a laughable sketch of an out-of-nowhere (well, if I wanna be totally honest I gotta say I was looking into stenciling walls before hand) idea on photoshop. 

In my defense it was two in the morning, I was tired and photoshop was being a bitch. All right, laugh all you want, just don’t ask where the phone idea came from. I’d not be able to come up with a logical answer. It wasn’t until yesterday we completed this medium size but boy, extremely demanding project by adding the missing cherry old black phone to top it off. A sweet gift that came in the mail from my lovely parents-in-law. They knew what else would make us smile after reading the post about the attractive orange phone I found at the vintage bazaar.