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DIY Brush Holder


It’s been a few months  since the first diy brush holder post shown here. That’s why I’ve decided to repeat the dose and show again (this time in stop-motion) how to create a fabulous makeup brush solution that’s budget friendly. You can opt for something smaller or larger (always your call) depending on how intense your brush collection is. Mine is pretty average. Take a look!


Bobbi Brown


Last night Taylor (friend and blogger at The Wearist) and I stopped by Bobbi Brown on Michigan Avenue to preview the fall collection.


Welcomed by Rita (whom I adore and also beauty contributor at Chitown Fashionista) and Yanita, beauty and fashion blogger  at Manolos Manicures & This Mom we learned more than a few useful makeup tricks from these ladies, including eyeliner 101 (which I could use to improve the cat-eye, six ways how to video).


There are a lot more images on Lulu Abroad’s fan page if you wanna take an extra peek at what went on at the event and remember to follow on instagram (@luluabroad) for instant pics and updates


Makeup Latest

Every now and then someone will ask for a makeup tricks post. Here’s the problem: I am no makeup artist. Sure I’m no hairdresser either but that didn’t keep me from my how to Youtube channel. Explain? I have no shame when the subject is hair. Makeup though, far more intimidating. Instead, I’m sharing my lastest purchases from the beauty sector that I’m going absolutely cookoo for:

  •  Benefit Cha Cha Tint – On me it doesn’t stay on longer than lipgloss (as I’ve heard other people comment) but if you’re going for seemingly effortless rosy lips, this is key.


Cat Eye, Six Ways

By no means am I good at makeup, but what I learned (while getting ready for this wedding) was sufficient to put together a quick how-to of six different and easy ways (if I managed, believe me you’re good!)  to create a cat eye effect. Start by checking off the list:


  •  q-tips

I think I like “adele” most. Do you have a favorite?