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It’s been days since I’ve wanted to extend a very special invitation to my Midwest folks. Last month I’ve made my Chicago theatre debut in a first-time adaptation based on oscar-nominated screenplay The Goddess by Paddy Chayefsky at The Artistic Home. Set in Hollywood’s Golden Age, the play shines a white-hot spotlight on the making of a Hollywood star, Rita Shawn and her quest for fame and love.

A little insider’s secret, the story is rumored to be based off Marilyn Monroe’s life, besides Chayefsky denial. The brilliancy of it all comes with the realization that even though the story takes place over six decades ago, the topic has never been so current. I’ve been directed by the superb, John Mossman and it has truly been an honor. We were welcomed with a Jeff Recommendation, exciting press and fantastic reviews following opening while I get to play Hollywood dress-up four nights a week.

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Homemade Costume

I’m wearing: h&m dress, christian louboutin shoes, anthropologie headband, forever 21 faux pearl necklace

If you haven’t read the previous post, read on. This is the eighth of a sequence of homemade Halloween outfits assembled by me. Sit-back, laugh and enjoy! Oh, and start guessing: Who am I for Halloween? Due to the length of my dress it’d be easy to assume I’m a hooker. For Halloween, obviously. I like to think I never give that impression. But again, this is not an easy one. Let’s see how good at this you really are:

– I feel like her life is going off and getting perfect and mine is just…pfffrrr
– I’m the maid of dishonor
– Just hold on for one more day

I’m a Bridesmaid for Halloween!