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Picture Perfect Shoot

Flavia Borges 1

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Work has been calling and I have to say, I’m so not a juggler! Instagram has been my outlet for the latest happenings in my career, so if you miss seeing weekly posts here, make sure to get o daily dose of Flavia on there.

So, what are these pictures all about? I’ve been working on a few projects these past few weeks, one of them being a short film called Picture Perfect. These are from a photo shoot session for the film.

Flavia Borges

I got lucky enough to work once again with a friend photographer, Francisco Rojas. I honestly don’t know what’s like to be photographed by someone  I don’t know anymore and I’m sure the outcome has everything to do with that.

picture perfect5

More photos from the filming day will come soon followed by more details about the film (as much as I’m allowed to share).
picture perfect6

zara necklace, crop top and leggings, forever 21 bracelets
picture perfect3

photos by francisco rojas

ps: Did you notice my extra-long lashes? For a photo shoot it definitely gave that dramatic effect we were looking for, but would you wear something that drastic for say,  a girls night out?

Refinery29 Spotlight

Earlier this week Refinery29 featured an interview with me and two other stylish Chicago girls. Not that I claim the tittle myself, but it felt pre-tty cool  to open the main site and see my picture and on top of that, my point of view as I described how the process of transitioning from winter to spring fashion goes in my wardrobe.

But I know you’re probably wondering what it’s like to be on a shoot for a major site like that. Does the word surreal fills in the blank? No? Alright, I’ll be more descriptive. I promptly said “heck yeah!”  upon an invite by Chicago editor Shani Silver. Next thing I knew, I was scanning my closet in search of three camera ready looks. We did the photos all in one day, group shots (fun fun) and individual ones (shy shy). Following the shoot, we answered a few questions and days later it was up on refinery29.com. If you haven’t yet, check out the whole interview.