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This past February I spent a little over two weeks in the most wonderful city in the world, Rio de Janeiro. People often ask me if I miss Brazil and if ever think of going back. The answer is primarily, no. I miss it but not to the point of waiting to make a life for myself there again. With the exception of this place. How could I not? The short two-year period when I harbored a home in Rio were long enough to make me fall in love for life. Over and over again.


One of the infinite reasons why I love this place so much is the local’s dedication to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and their tireless passion for the place they inhabit. My days would start bright and early with a 7AM work out at the beach, surrounded by the most beautiful landscape you will ever see. There were countless options for healthy, fresh food restaurants to enjoy and even get delivered at your door.

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Polka Dot

I’m wearing: vintage polka-dotted blouse, urban outfitters dress, gap flats, forever 21 bracelets

Inspired by the minute window of high temperatures that visited last week I went romantic with an A line dress and the most romantic looking hair braid inspiration I could find (Pinterest comes in handy in times like this). Can’t honestly say doing hair is my strong ability (I know I can sit on a chair and have my hair done like a pro) or it wouldn’t look like such a messy job. It was good enough for a short stroll around downtown, though. I spotted this polka-dotted shirt on a first visit to a vintage boutique in Orlando, Fla. Carried away by the low prices and old flair awesomeness  I left with two blouses  (one of which is this polka-dotted one that fits me extremely loose). What? Since when is wrong sizing a reason to not take something cute home? There’s really nothing a rolled-up sleeve can’t do.

Pink Month

I’m wearing: h&m jacket, toshop blouse, forever 21 layered lace skirt, my philosophy belt, jeffrey campbell booties, swatch watch, trevita bracelets

What other color could I have worn in the first week of October, breast cancer awareness month? Pink has always been one of my favorite colors. Maybe not to wear, but in general. It’s so elegant, feminine, delicate. But also daring, sexy, extravagant. It can go both ways. They could not have picked a better color to represent all the women in the world that have directly or indirectly suffered from this awful illness. Hopefully one day we’ll find cure for this and pink will no longer stand for women’s battles but for the compassion that bring us all together. I think my pink is more post-it like. It’s okay though, because one, I like it. And two, the black lace on the skirt helps bringing the tone down a little.