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zara top, asos skirt, belt bought in brazil, h&m bracelets and bangle, zara sandals, kate spade ring.


When sharing some of my spring fashion secrets with Refinery29, I mentioned how much pastels have enchanted my heart this season. And I was not playing “seasonably correct”. It is totally true (documented and sealed in the closet re-pagination post). As if owning one piece of each spring hit color wasn’t enough, I had to have the whole sequined rainbow. In an itty bity, “better-suck-it-in” mini skirt, paired with a classic lace top. Risky piece but again, sometimes a girl has got to have her fun.


Black Sequin, Au!

I’m wearing: forever 21 jacket, h&m men’s shirt and boots, columbia leggings, urban outfitters turban, michael kors watch, trevita and hellen lima bracelets

I’ve always had some kind of preconception when it came to wearing sequin at any given day, which I’ve obviously come to terms with quickly this winter (examples of me getting comfy and bling-ish most recently here, and also here). Let’s be real, it’s a bit Billy Jean for everyday use. That’s why I tried to dress it down in this outfit and see if I could make it more wearable. The turban is new material too. See how it doesn’t quite fit my head right but I wear it anyways? I’m so hardheaded. Wait…

Five Days of Holly Jolly: now playing “Dreaming of a White Christmas”, “Home Alone” classic scene:

Let it Snow

Wearing: bebe dress, forever 21 jacket, topshop yellow and net tights, arezzo shoes, trevita necklace and bracelet, h&m clutch

With yesterday’s gift guide and this I guess it’s extra long-post week, huh? If you don’t mind, I don’t. You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? I was thinking of you when putting this one together: dressed up tiny little black dress. Everyone has one of these in the closet, all you gotta do is be inventive with the accessories. Going all out (bold prints + wild textures) all at once is not exactly required, some may think it is a bit overdone (I wasn’t totally sold myself after the first mirror-check) but keep in mind it’s Christmas and you only get to dress up for this occasion once a year (duh!).

On Five Days of Holly Jolly radio station,  “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by Michael Bubble

Blue Velvet

I’m wearing: topshop hat, h&m sweater, zara jacket and tights, forever 21 skirt, bakers boots, trevita bracelets

As I write today’s post I have “Marry the Night” by Lady Gaga playing on in the background. What a great song and video (in my humble opinion, her best yet).  It instantly puts me in clubbing mode , something I haven’t experienced in quite a while. Yeah, pathetic I know. But let’s leave real life behind for a second and pretend this is my “Marry the Night” outfit. Do you think this is strong enough for a beautiful happy ending or did it fail to impress, resulting in an ugly fashion divorce? You may speak now or forever hold your peace.