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Music and I

Music has been part of my life ever since I can remember. It began with me begging my father to sing “A casa” by famous bossa nova composer Vinícius de Moraes over and over again. Those tunes would stick with me and trigger what later became a real appreciation for music. In this video I open up about the impact of music in my childhood, and how this passion evolved into a talent and my dreams.

Summer Hits

I should first apologize for my unannounced absence but it’s for a good reason. I’ve kept busy with rehearsals for my singing debut.


                                                    Photos by Kicko Campos


You read it right. For the first time ever I’ll perform along side other talented vocalists at Davenports Piano Bar Cabaret, September 2nd at 7:00pm in Chicago. And for someone who’s used to the shower a mic stand is a big deal. If you’ve been following me you probably know I sing in all my videos (but if I’m breaking the news right now just head over to my Youtube channel for samples) and that I can’t do without music. But performing live is new scary territory.


Thankfully, I’ve been working with two incredible vocal coaches (check them out here) and that put me at ease. Back to the show, it’s a collection of No 1 summer hits top 40 to Broadway. Till then what I’m singing (and wearing) will be kept secret but if you really wanna know, make reservations here under Cabaret and I’ll see you then!


26th B-day

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. Not that being suddenly closer to 30 is a thrill, but it’s definitely a reason to celebrate being alive and to give thanks for all the things I’ve accomplished so far! S o in celebration of my birthday we put together a music video (remember this song from the twisted updo diy?) because I like to reflect with music in the background. Hope you enjoy it.

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