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instagramDEVELOPING a new relationship with food and  learning the true value of maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. In the last few months Elliott and I have been committed to trying new recipes and ingredients. It’s a huge learning curve but we’re definitely seeing results and feeling good about it.

LOVING the freshness that our newly purchased plants add to the environment. Just gotta remember to water them every other day.

ENJOYING the last breath of winter, but only if it snows. Just like it did last week in Chicago.

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I’m wearing: zara shirt, t-shirt and jeans, topshop slippers, h&m bag, viva glam nikki by mac.

While visiting my parents in law in Evansville, we stopped by the river to shoot. It was an out-of-this-world gorgeous day, and with the trees in full bloom and the crisp green grass… Again, so gorgeous. We ran errands all afternoon: groceries, lunch, wedding dress cleaner and the list goes on, hence comfortable yet chic studded slippers and an ultra relaxed jeans plus plaid combo.

April Delight

I hope you all had a great, chocolate-filled (milk preferably cause that’s what I think is best) Easter. This year I traded hours worth of slaving on my traditional salt cod dishes (desalting is a bitch ) for a delicious brunch by the river followed by a stroll to the park under the most shockingly beautiful weather.

tulips everywhere


navy and polka dotted red combo


banana cream pie and cookie trouble


I should probably move


sea of flowers


my almost new kate spade icase




totally unintended, on-a-hurry but still edgy twisted ponytail



I’m wearing: topshop blouse, aqua skirt, forever 21 boots, michael kors watch, h&m and purchased in brazil bracelets and bangles, neon orange lipstick by mac

When I was a little girl, my mother and I got in a big car crash. I had to go through a risky operation and that left me with an also big scar across my belly. This has been part of me since, and it never really bothered me to the point I’d ever try to cover it up. Who am I kidding, belly display in Brazil is as classic as the trench coat. The transformations your body is exposed to overtime tells a story of who you are. Just like my “made in brazil” tattoo is expressive of where I come from and my wrinkles will represent wisdom acquired in years to come, my scar reminds me I’m a survivor. Something I never wanna forget. So hide it?