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One of the coolest things I did while in Rio was getting to tour the headquarters of FARM, a very cool Brazilian fashion label. While there, I got to see the entire production line, finally got to meet the kick-ass editing team responsible for Adoro (where I’m a contributing writer), witnessed the design theme brainstorm the next collections and ate an appetizing lasagna at their cozy cafeteria (may I point out yummy chocolate cake for dessert, no?) I was itching to photograph the entire next season but it would be rude since I was specifically (and fairly) asked not to.

 Editors Iana and Manu (my tour guides for the day)

mani, pedi and all kinds of beauty services at the FARM salon.

 the graphic design team working their magic

 just behind the lens, a sea of new stuff

visual merchandising corner


 the patio

 the girls

More of my visit at FARM on instagram (@luluabroad)