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Baby Shower

This past weekend I got busy putting together a baby shower for my sister-in-law. She’s always been crazy about elephants, so that and the French venue ( Le Petit Chou in Indianapolis) helped to shape up a theme: Babar, The Elephant.

babar baby shower 1

She’s expecting a baby boy but wanted to make sure the shower also reflected her personality, picking yellow and grey as the color scheme, which I love.

babar baby shower 3

babar baby shower 2

One of my favorite moments, the baby photo guessing game. Guests were asked for their baby pictures ahead of time and invited to match the baby photo with the other guests at the party.

babar baby shower 4

babar baby shower 5

The mom-to-be is not a fan of traditional baby shower games (no chocolate pooped diapers) so we opted instead for a celebrity baby name match-up game and the screening of a silent film (that I’ll be showing here fairly soon) personally edited by me for her and the dad.

babar baby shower8

And since photo booths are in, we couldn’t avoid but to play Babar, The king!

babar baby shower 6

babar baby shower7

babar baby shower9

The elephant cookie favors were just as tasty as they look and the invitations set the tone for the shower decor.


The Bride

I’m wearing: ines di santo flora gown, twigs and honey hair pieces, forever 21 bolero, pearl bracelet

A few days back I posted my wedding photos here, and now I need to say thank you for all the love received. So many of you expressed your well wishes and that put a huge smile on my face. But so much pampering made me wanna share even more, like the couture dress session with our amazing wedding photographer Abby Liga. See what happens when you tease?

Abby created a whimsical set to stage the shoot

Turns out, bold choices just weren’t my thing when it came down to actual wedding day fashion. But since this wasn’t wedding day,  why not give the gigantic, as big-as-my-face hair piece a try?

I baked red velvet cupcakes. They look yummy, but no!

Help yourself with some pocket watch tea!

When the ribbon from the hair piece began flying on my face, Abby used the accident to shoot. So clever and kind of cool.

And the good thing is: there’s more! Stay tuned, ladies.