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Valentine’s Day

I’m going to steal an idea from my friend Samantha Balk from Rose Vintage and share five fun facts about my husband and I in honor of Valentine’s day! Here it goes:

Valentine's Day Flavia and Elliott

  1. We met at Disney World
  2. But we almost didn’t because neither of us wanted to be there. I was a tired tourist wanting to leave the parks and  he had a hang over and almost called in sick (he worked at the parks).
  3. Our first official date was at a McDonald’s. So posh!
  4. Les Miserables is our favorite movie of all time.
  5. We both learned to speak each other’s language (English and Portuguese), aaand the universal language of love. Aw!

Valentine's Day Flavia and Elliott

Happy Valentine’s day!

photos: liga photography

Valentine Mani

Nail painting is a safe way to go celebratory without making a commitment. Unless you run out of polish remover, that is. Before attempting this one, I was sure it wouldn’t turn out. It might not of looked perfect but look at that! It did turn out. Wanna try this Valentine’s Day inspired mani? You’ll need:

  •   Navy Blue Polish
  •   Red or Pink Polish
  •   White Nail Art Brush

First, paint your nails with the blue polish. Next, use your nail art brush or polish pen to draw two thick horizontal lines across each nail.

While you wait for it to dry off, you can practice doing the heart on a piece of paper. I used the thin brush from the white polish, cleaned it off with a towel and dipped it into the pink polish.  Simply use the very tip to strike a small diagonal spot of paint (bottom left) and then another one perpendicularly , forming a little heart (bottom right).

Once you’ve got enough practice making hearts on the paper, try it over the nail. You can paint one heart on one nail or like me, one for each.