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Baby Shower

This past weekend I got busy putting together a baby shower for my sister-in-law. She’s always been crazy about elephants, so that and the French venue ( Le Petit Chou in Indianapolis) helped to shape up a theme: Babar, The Elephant.

babar baby shower 1

She’s expecting a baby boy but wanted to make sure the shower also reflected her personality, picking yellow and grey as the color scheme, which I love.

babar baby shower 3

babar baby shower 2

One of my favorite moments, the baby photo guessing game. Guests were asked for their baby pictures ahead of time and invited to match the baby photo with the other guests at the party.

babar baby shower 4

babar baby shower 5

The mom-to-be is not a fan of traditional baby shower games (no chocolate pooped diapers) so we opted instead for a celebrity baby name match-up game and the screening of a silent film (that I’ll be showing here fairly soon) personally edited by me for her and the dad.

babar baby shower8

And since photo booths are in, we couldn’t avoid but to play Babar, The king!

babar baby shower 6

babar baby shower7

babar baby shower9

The elephant cookie favors were just as tasty as they look and the invitations set the tone for the shower decor.



I’m wearing: topshop blouse, urban outfitters pants, jeffrey campbell sandals, rayban sunglasss, francesca cluth, h&m bangles and bracelet

I kid you not, there are plenty of statement pieces hanging on Urban Outfitter racks (the whole store was reviewed here last week) and these pants are exactly that. In a windy city like Chicago, it puts on quite a show, don’t you think? The little colored dots are actually itty bittty stars. Fun huh? It could have ended there but no! The price? $9.99 and pressure off my back if I can’t make the most of it. We all know statement pieces aren’t the easiest to pair up.

Yellow Makeover

After almost three full months residing in our little piece of Chicago heaven, the master bedroom can finally be checked off the list. Well, for now anyways.  Several corners remain in desperate need for  a little love. Like the mini hallway with its sad average looking mirror (although sad, it has served us very well), the five wall mirrors plus clock, and the wall above our headboard. Nothing necessarily wrong with our wedding frames but it’s very narcissistic and a little tiring. Until I find a good replacement for static Mr. and Mrs Robinson, they’ll remain the center of attention in dream land. The biggest challenge I had with this room was cheering it up. White walls scream mental health institution and were driving me positively mad. Before it all got serious enough for an unflattering straight jacket some things had to be changed. Painting would be an easy way out. I could but didn’t want to paint the walls. So I’d have to paint the stuff. What’s the opposite of white? Yellow. Not really but black wouldn’t have worked here . Yellow is happy and compliments my grey pillows and throw like no other. Yellow it was. Who’d be the victims? Lamp bases one and two and desk chair. Here’s the before, the progress and the details:

Before we’d put much thought into it, things were grey…very grey
I love you, yellow paint.
Now side by side

A brand new view of my brand new nest

Look at the mirror reflection of my needle felted love birds. So fetch!

Color Blocking

I’m wearing: topshop top, zara sweater and jeans, azezzo moccasins, urban outfitters bag, ray ban sunglasses, swatch watch, trevita and ellen lima bracelets

It’s definitely a delight surprise color blocking prevailed through fall. I slightly remember seeing colors pop at Fashion Week Fall 2011 while performing trend research for the magazine I wrote for. For several reasons, including my other writing assignments and tight deadlines, memory definitely didn’t stick. Cast the first stone but I’ve never been one of those who took time aside from my insanely busy college life to watch designers creations from a far distance (my laptop to be exact) when in six months everything that stuck would come to me live and most importantly, wearable at the nearest store (or to my door if I order online). Now that I no longer study for a living I still don’t watch it! Well, six months is still time and my memory has never been that good anyways. Why else would I sacrifice part of my hard deserved Christmas money to pay for four fashion magazine subscriptions? Anna Wintour gets paid (a lot) to do this (front row, baby). Not that I would ever refuse an invitation to attend it in person (In case Annie ever stumbles upon my words. Ah! Dream on, Lulu.) Oh, that’s a whole different trend thing.