Flavia Borges

For the last two months, I have been traveling around Brazil. Belo Horizonte, IpatingaCuritiba, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the of places I visited within that time. It was long enough to rest some, work some, and live some.

There’s something about removing myself from my normal environment for a long period of time and I inevitably begin to re-evaluate things. I use this natural process to make necessary adjustments in both my work and personal life and it’s always worked out well for me.

A couple of practical examples of what’s been on my check list are restructuring my dietary habits to moving furniture around the apartment. Other improvements include finding more balance between work and leisure, less time on social media, and more books on my nightstand. Most importantly, being proactive, making conscious choices, and taking control of my destiny.

Sound like a re-branded version of new years resolutions? Maybe. For me, it doesn’t necessarily happen at the beginning of each year.  Instead, it must feel right when it happens. And right now, that’s how I feel.

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  1. Rita says:

    Less time on social media is a must from time to time. It can be suffocating at times. Best of luck! xo, Rita

  2. Babi says:

    Maybe that’s why you never answered my msgs :(

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